Why Brave Browser is the Game Changer
Why Brave Browser is the Game Changer

By Richard M Adrian | Crypto Info | 6 Oct 2019

The Future of Browsing

Developed by Brave software, Brave  Browser was introduced to the market by Brendan Erich (CEO) by May 28, 2019, and Brian Bond (CTO). The browser was founded from the basis of future internet marketing payment, increasing speed and creating digital content. Nevertheless, the browser supports IOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.


It is worth noting that the Brave platform was meant to enhance ad blocking and provide more convenience to internet surfers.  Additionally, Brave also focuses on providing optimum privacy to the user and encrypt user data more securely. Moreover, brave boasts an affiliation of revenue sharing program where the content creator, publisher, and reader receive brave rewards.



Features of Brave


Shield Settings

Brave provides customized shield settings. This includes the adds you want to receive or block add. Through brave, you can view the listed blocked adds.


Brave Rewards

Braves develops features of Brave Rewards. This reward is given to the sites that you frequently visit. These rewards are used as a way of paying the content creator who you love.


Secure Against Malware, Unnecessary Ads and Data Phishing

Brave browser has given a security ideal that blocks malware, advertising, and phishing. Brave also has an idea of ensuring any plugins that have security risks are prevented through the use of the default setting of the brave browser.


Data Synchronization and Encryption

Brave allows the user to encrypt and synchronize data according to their preferences; on system and bookmark settings. However, brave does not have any key which can be used to decrypt your data.

How Brave Works


Brave Rewards

Brave reward is an integrated system that gives rewards to all stakeholders. Brave rewards used to support content creators without intermediary. The BAT (basic attention token) is used to enable fair rewards to content creators. Brave has this feature which is against the currently used system. 


The Brave Wallet

Brave has a crypto-wallet which is managed by the uphold. The wallet is used for funding the publisher and user. Breve rewards are in the form of bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum or BAT to enhance transfer.


Auto Contribute

Auto contribute is a brave platform that helps to support the publisher and content creator. The auto contribute platform is used to distribute the Basic Attention Token content creator. The content creator has to register and verify one or more channels to start earning the tokens.


The Brave Ads

The brave adoption gives the user the option to view ads. Breve rewards the user when she/he views the ads; 75% is revenue generated to the brave wallet. The publisher is rewarded 15% while the other 15% is given to the advertisers, publishes of ads.


Why Brave Is the Best Browser

Brave browser provides a list of solutions to the limitation of the current browsers. This limitation includes;


Limitation to Users

Browsers use 50% of data that are used up by unnecessary ads and trackers which the user has no interest in them. Unnecessary ads that reduces the battery life span. Violation of user privacy when ads and trackers are allowed to access the device.


Limitations to Advertiser 

The advertiser fails to have good information for advertising products on offer due to excess ads. Current browsers do not provide a proper targeting algorithm, hence resulting to most users  ignoring the ads. Moreover, the market is flooded with bogus advertisers who are out to break the ethic code of advertisement.


Limitation to Publisher

The currently used browsers provide a low revenue to publishers. The publisher revenue is evenly down with 60%.


Activities to perform using brave

Brave Browser can be used to perform several tasks. These include. 

  • Updating 
  • Installing
  • Browsing
  • Setting management
  • Private browsing
  • Fixing problem

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