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If you are a ledger user be careful

By On_my_mind | Crypto_in_mind | 31 Oct 2020

If you bothered buying a ledger wallet to store your coins safely it means two things:

  • you are cautious 
  • you may have decent amount of coins to store

To your cautious side I say be careful because in the coming weeks/months someone impersonating the ledger company may try to get info from you to steal your ledger codes and get your precious coins.

On June 25th the commercial database of ledger was hacked and the info regarding full name, emails, address and phone number of 9500 customers was leaked. It turns out the hackers are now busy with a phishing campaign trying to use the info they stole to their advantage. They made fake websites and fake email addresses (you may receive an email from rather than or even an sms claiming that there is a new vulnerability discovered in your wallet and they ask you to click a link that probably leads to one of their fake websites. It seems that their websites are well done so do not count on spelling mistakes or other clues to find out if the website is legit.

It seems that ledger became aware of the leak on July 14 and they fixed the issue immediately. The company claims that no customers lost their funds yet after the hack. Your coins are safe as long as you don't fall for the phishing attempts that you will probably receive in the coming weeks.

You probably already read about the news, especially since the hack occurred months ago but the phishing campaign is intensifying these weeks so I thought it was important to spread awareness and warn as many users as possible.

Stay safe.

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