Searching for possibilities and more with PreSearch

Searching for possibilities and more with PreSearch

By Scopeman | Crypto in Africa | 23 Mar 2021

Technology rules the world now, there is no question about that. With the ever-growing impact and influence technology – especially digital technology – now has on human existence, there is reason to worry about how much power we are yielding to technology corporations in this digital age.

As we have quite evolved into a technology reliant species, we have traded our privacy and control for ease and convenience. As we search for news or the best way to bake bread at home, the search engines on our phones and computers gather so much information about us – with or without our consent. As is already clear and proven throughout mankind’s history, information is power, and with such power comes control. We already see expressions of this power in our daily lives when we are shown ads based on our searches and site visits.

The dilemma then becomes, what do we do? If you are like me, always searching for possibilities and ways to make the best out of this life, but still appreciates my privacy and not being bombarded with ads about curtains simply because I searched for the lyrics of a song that has the word ‘curtains’ in it.

I am in search of more. I want to be able to search for what I like and still retain some privacy. I want to know that the search engine I use is decentralized and a bunch of people are not gathering my data and selling it off to the highest bidder. I am searching for possibilities and more and I think PreSearch holds much promise that I am excited about.

PreSearch is a blockchain-based, decentralized web search engine ‘powered by the community’. See that last part about it being powered by the community, is one of the things that has got me excited about PreSearch. There is a 66-paged vision paper about the PreSearch project, but I am always appreciative of any project that is community driven to start with.

PreSearch has three main Unique Value Propositions (UVPs) which are:

  1. User control over data and privacy
  2. Payment for contributing value to the ecosystem
  3. Decentralization of the search ecosystem

A search engine that pays you for searches you conduct, sign me up! Truth is, traditional search engines gather a lot of information from our searches and interactions on their engines, and then monetize this information. It only seems fair that users get some cut of revenue generated seeing as we contribute to making such monetization possible.

Let’s be honest, we really cannot do without searching on the internet, but it does not mean we should not have some control simply because we all cannot go ahead and build our own individual search engines. This is what makes an open, transparent and community driven project like PreSearch to be desired.

So, what are you waiting for? Join over 2 Million users already on PreSearch who are taking advantage of a sustainable decentralized search platform that represents the interests of the community.

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