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By ChrisfCrypto | Crypto in 2021 | 18 Feb 2021

Tokenizing the real World while playing games. This wish list finally came to the blockchain when a group of friends launched Upland. Loosely based on the board game Monopoly, they launched an EOS blockchain-powered gaming platform 'metaverse' with the streets, homes, and landmarks featuring the iconic city of San Francisco.


The game involves having an explorer in a city where you can buy a property with the game's assets (The UPX coin). You are given a certain amount of UPX with which you can make your first purchase. After that, you return regularly to keep your visitor VISA up to date and to collect rent from visitors to your property. Once you are worth 10,000 UPX you do not stay as a visitor but become an Uplander.

If you join now, Upland is offering a bonus of 6,000 UPX 

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Blockchain games are relatively new to the crypto universe, many of which are quizzes rather than real role playing

This game looks like it is one for the future and helps you understand tokenized assets while you play.

It will be interesting to see where the developers take the game

PLAY HERE to start

Addendum - 

UPLAND Growth - Some people were not satisfied with San Francisco, so the city of Fresno was added and then the City of New York (NYC). Now the team has been Stress Testing the launch of BROOKLYN and provided incentives with the availability of minting some low cost housing (FSA) along with some more expensive properties. This has allowed new players to have a chance of owning more than 1 property and learning about a new neighborhood.

If you follow their Discord you also get notifications of new treasure hunts and special events

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Crypto in 2021

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