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Text prompt 'amazing galaxy'

Art generated by Artificial Intelligence

By Redblue | Crypto Hopeful | 1 Nov 2021

Today I'd like to share with you a fantastic little website called NightCafe

It works by text prompts so for instance if you type 'sky'



It will generate this. 



There are multiple variables to play with and options to toggle in order to change the final image. 


How many times do you want the AI to cycle through the image

Resolution size.

Seed. Which is a random number that can affect the composition 

Aspect ratio 

So many people are creating awesome works of art and the work is completely owned by you the Artist!



This tool is great for those time when you feel like making something cool and It's great for creating art to sell as NFTs.

Fire God vs water demon fighting in heaven during apocalypse glowing neon hyperrealism 8k resolution VRay

Check it out! NightCafe


Feel free to check out my art at the links below

My art on NightCafe

My work can be purchased here on my RedBubble

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