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A new chapter - Art And It's Message

By Redblue | Crypto Hopeful | 17 Oct 2021

A few weeks ago I decided to showcase a few of my digital art peices on Twitter and much to my surprise they were a hit!

Stoppin Under The Stars

My message was simple, we as nomadic people with our own cultures and heritage are so much more then the negative stereotypes outsiders place on us. Myself, I'm from the Irish/Scottish Traveller communities. So often I see news articles that feature a caravan in a muddy ditch or a horse drawn wagon parked next to a pile of rubbish. Now that's trash reporting!

Space Camp

We as Travellers and Roma are in fact very creative and aesthetic focused people. We pride ourselves not only with our artisan heritage making and designing all sorts of things like bridle ware, decorative ornaments, wagons, fashions and even kitchen utilities, we also pride ourselves with the every day aesthetic of our homes, our vehicles and our dress. If only the mainstream media would show the world that. Unfortunately they rarely do.

Living In The Clouds

My art exists to accomplish just that. To challenge the mainstream narrative that we're old fashioned, dirty, lazy, criminals. Quite simply, we're not. 


You can purchase prints of my art here :)


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The Alien Space

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