Why should i mine Alpha?

By Nengi147 | Crypto headline | 8 May 2021

Questions And Answers on Alpha Network


What is Alpha Network?

Alpha network is a revolutionary system that provides an alternative to existing cryptocurrency models with a focus on balancing the demand and supply of the market


What is Alpha?

Alpha is a crypto alternative that can be mined on mobile device by tapping a button once per day


Why should i mine Alpha?

You missed out on Bitcoin, am sure you don't wants to miss out on Alpha, mining Alpha is your choice, but surely those who did will smile at the end of the day


Do i need to minimise the app to continue mining?

No, you don't have to, it's a cloud mining, it mines even if your mobile is switched off


Will the Application drain my battery?

No, it won't


Can i start mining next week?

You can start anytime you want, it's your choice, but note, the earlier you join the better


How much do i need to invest to start mining?

Alpha mining is free, you don't need to pay a dime to mine, all you need to invest is some seconds of you time daily


When will mining end?

Mining will end immediately all the 500M tokens are mined by users


When will the wallet launch?

Wallet is coming soon


When will i be able to trade my Alpha?

Once miming ends, Alpha will be listed on Exchange and everyone will be able to trade your alpha but before then there will be a marketplace where miners can Exchange their Alpha for goods and services


Why you should never miss Alpha?

Alpha has a limited supply of 500M tokens which after this is mined all computing power stops and mining end, start now to avoid regrets


Check the process of how to start mining here 👇




💸 Get 12 Alpha Daily + 2.4 Alpha Daily per invite


📑 Alpha has a total supply of 500M which will be mined without wasting time, so start now


🏕️ Application Link:



⚙ How to start mining?

🔸 Download the mining Application

🔸 Sign up with Google and use your real details

🔸 Referral code ~ Tariah ( tap to copy)


📑 Alpha has a limited supply, remember Aibox with 1 billion total supply was mined in less than 3 months, come to think of this which is 500M


📑 Note

Don't forget to set your mobile alarm for the mining in other to stay active

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