By mayner | Crypto guide | 26 Jun 2020

A dark horse and a promising AZZR coin, you most likely have not heard about this.

I was very interested in such an opportunity.

The creator of an unknown resident of Brazil, keeps incognito and does not reveal all his secrets. Satoshi does not reveal his identity, creating Bitcoin.


Why is the coin so promising. Firstly, it is very small and amounts to 1 AZZR =, 0.00000001, which gives a huge growth prospect. AZZR is traded on the СREX24 exchange paired with bitcoins.

You can see this at Secondly, a coin is mined very well 2-3% of Pos mining. You get a good profit in a month, or 1.5 months.

If your wallet is turned on 24/7, it can receive income from a masternode or from PoS mining.


The wallet can be downloaded from the Windows wallet link:

In the future, it is planned to launch mobile applications.

While the coin is popular in Russian communities and on these channels: @Azzure_profit_Ru and @Azzure_profit_Rus where valuable prizes are played every day. Which get it all honestly.

Like Bitcoin and Azzure, there are all chances to rise in price, remember the story about pizza for 10,000 BTC? Although there are a lot of worthy offers on the cryptocurrency market now.


What do you think?

Additional coin information:

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