Farsite - DeFi Powered Ethereum 2 Game

Are there any gamers here?  

A new blockchain game has been released that has been evolving for years. You can sign up here and start collecting FAR tokens (completely free !! 😎 ) >> https://farsite.club/u/surviving-olive-leech  

The official launch of the game is 31.05. It is implemented on Matic layer 2. Guidelines and roadmap are in game after login. For now, there are airdrop tasks that you solve on your computer, and you can also register via a mobile phone. Who wounds early .... you know already! 😉



Complete tasks and help us spread the word about the project to receive Scores. The more Scores you have the higher is a chance to receive a Crate with better reward.  


Get a better starter set of Ship Hull and Modules for the game. Fit Modules in Hangar and share the result with friends.   Anyways ... if any of you here have participated in MoonCryptoPolis you could claim some nice airdrop soon from Farsite (and it says the same in the instructions)


🪐 The theme of the game - saving humanity ⏬⏬⏬


  The Story  

Our new home. The last hope.

  After a series of endemics gone under control led to unprecedented social and economic crises mankind’s best minds were forced to develop a technology to allow for intergalactic flights with the sole aim to isolate species for building a better future.

  Survivors managed to travel to the farest places possible, totally unknown galaxies with immediate risks and opportunities yet to be discovered by adventurers. They elaborated the Ethereum 2 blockchain to grant inviolable rights for everyone and minted “Credits” FAR token as the only means of exchange in the new world.

  With a limited amount of valuable resources available on Planets and Asteroids, the new society has an aim to develop and explore in a highly competitive environment. That is the last hope for preserving humankind species.

  The new Homestead.


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