Spells Of Genesis - The Game That Mints NFTs Since 2014

By Dharkotron | Crypto Gaming News | 23 Feb 2022

Spells Of Genesis is a mobile-game that was the first to integrate NFTs. It is developped by Everdreamsoft, a gaming company from Geneva, Switzerland. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. Only true OGs have already heard its name, and very few have played it. Given the young age of the crypto ecosystem, eight years of existence is a long time. Contrary to many game projects from that era, this one is still thriving. Let's talk about this gem of a game.


© Everdreamsoft

The gameplay

Its a mix between between pool and bubble shooter: you have four characters (cards) in your team, at each turn you fire a bouncy ball against your enemies, trying to kill them before they fire back at you. It's simple and addictive, no need to think too much, at least in the first levels.

The tricky part is to level-up your characters to get the best team possible for each environment. Win games, earn gold coins and use them to buy more cards, then fuse the cards together to have better stats.

Take a look at this video to get a preview of the gameplay:

By collecting cards and fusing them together, you are able to blockchainize them and thus to sell, buy or exchange them on open markets. The assets are minted on Counterparty (XCP, a BTC sidechain), which means the fees are lower than for most other NFTs (Ethereum based).

The NFT cards

The cards have different levels of rarity: wood, silver, gold and NFT. The last category is in fact for the blockchainized cards. So, what's the process? It's simple: level-up four wood cards of the same name to the max (the star at the bottom of the card should be full), then fuse them together. You now have two silver cards. Do the same process as for the wood cards and you'll get a gold card. Level it up to the max and now you can see that you are finally able to blockchainize it. You can mint up to three cards per month.

Here is a quick recap:

4 wood cards

level up

2 silver cards

level up

1 gold card

level up + blockchainize

1 NFT card

This video shows you how to mint a card on the blockchain:

The strategy

It's simple: mint as much cards as possible on the blockchain! Knowing that those cards are sold for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, you absolutely want all the 36 cards you can blockchainize per year. So, play the game, earn gold coins, buy boosters, cristalise some cards, level-up others and blockchainize them. It is that simple!

The markets

The first marketplace to go to is Bitcoin based (XCP), with low fees (generally under a dollar). The second one is on Ethereum (OpenSea), so the fees are quite higher (hundred of dollars). Besides the cost, which one is best? Let's find out!

Being a Counterparty asset, you can buy and sell cards on the XCP markets through Freewallet. It's the best wallet for storing your assets and exploring the XCP blockchain. Check out my tutorial on "How To Buy And Sell XCP Assets" for more information. You can also do your shopping through the dispensers, they're very intuitive to interact with. However, if you want to sell XCP assets, just read those tutorials: "How To Create A Dispenser" and "How To Retrieve Funds From Your Dispenser".


On the other hand, you can use EmblemVaults, which are "wallets inside tokens". Based on the Ethereum blockchain, this technology enables you to put coins, tokens or any asset that is not an Ethereum token, inside an Ethereum token. Put simply, you can buy and sell anything on OpenSea using an EmblemVault. Personally, I find the process a bit tedious and the fees are much too high. But it helps people to get their assets on a bigger market.


I only use dispensers: in my opinion it's the fastest and cheapest way to buy and sell SoG cards, for the seller and the buyer as well, since everything is in Bitcoin.

The future

After all these years and against all odds, the game is still a work in progress! The devs wants to see their cards on multiple chains and are developing tools to this end. Until not a long ago, blockchainized cards were minted on the XCP network, but now they are minted on Klaytn. New features will be added in the future, like the possibility to swap from a blockchain to another. There is also a currency, the Bitcrystals, introduced when the game was in its infancy. Devs want to bring it back to life by integrating it to the game (for staking and maybe something else?). Anyway, Spells of Genesis and its development are not over yet.

Looking for rare cards?

If you are looking for old Spells of Genesis cards, have a look at my Linktree, all my XCP dispensers are listed there. Given that the stocks fluctuate, take a look regularly to find gems.


Edit: typo corrections.

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