NEW nice TCG - Legends of Runeterra - my short review and gameplay video

By Kobusu | Crypto games letsplay etc | 16 Jun 2020

 Maybe you are a fan of the game Hearthstone or just a fan of the genre CCG?

Then there is good news for you: a new well-thought-out game in this genre has been released the Legends of Runeterra

* With a no pay to win system, money not affect the balance (you can buy cosmetic changes).

* New game mechanics such as the block turn etc...

* Well-worked balance and lots of nice cards, each with its own characteristics.

image source: https://playruneterra.com/


* You can get cards by traditionally completing quests and increasing your rating in a battle with AI or another player or come in game daily.

*did you know what to do with the Wild cards?)*

In general, try it I think you will like it ...
You can also watch the stream of my gameplay,
at the initial stage of deck development. All the best, see you.

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Crypto games letsplay etc
Crypto games letsplay etc

Steemmonsters, Exode and ather cool games...

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