By Anna80 | Crypto games for ice cream | 26 Dec 2021

Can you make crypto in android games?
Well, yes but the amount is very low. Only games that I was actually able to make payout are Bling games, Crypto pop and Bitcoin bounce. All three have similar amount that you can earn, and it comes to about 1 $ weekly, if you play occasionaly, an hour or two max daily. Plus, Coinbase has about once a month free coins, you just have to learn some basic stuff about them and answer easy questions. That earns you about 3 or 4 $ monthly.
I make payouts to Coinbase, which has no gas fees for trades. So, my question is, how much can you make playing games and investing with only luck such low amounts?
Well, I will let you know 😉
Current balance is 0.60$ and its in Gods Unchained, do not ask me why. It was newish on Coinbase and as good as any other.

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Crypto games for ice cream
Crypto games for ice cream

Can you make crypto playing android games? I will try, so by summer I can have free Ice cream on vacation or maybe the whole free vacation?

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