More Fusing Tips!

By JDstar | Crypto Game | 6 Jun 2024

Hi StarCrazies!

We’ve got more fusing tips coming your way with another workshop hosted by our resident experts.

Fusing Workshop Aug 26 2pm UTC with Crypto KyleSan and CryptoFridge

Our two Fusing experts have more tips and tricks to share with the community. Don’t miss this opportunity to create more from less. (Results aren’t guaranteed. But you knew that didn’t you?)

PvP Updates

  • PvP Seasons will typically last 2 months
  • PvP Season 4 will start on Oct 1 and go on for 2 months. (with no off-season matches)
  • In Season 4, a randomly selected element matching the player’s/Starz’s element will receive a buff. e.g. using the designated element in battles will give you a buff. The timing and duration of this feature will vary.
  • Off season matches for the top players will introduced next year, as early as Q1

Exchange Shop Update

We know we’ve been teasing this feature recently so here’s what’s going on. This function will now be released along with the release of Planet Construction. These functions are best released at the same time since they go together like pancakes and syrup, like peanut butter and jelly or like green mango and bagoong (fermented baby shrimp). Your patience will be rewarded!

StarCrazy Interviews Successful Players (Blog)

In these three interviews you’ll hear starkly honest stories and opinions from 3 serious StarCrazy players. They’ve been playing for a while and have strong feelings about the strengths and weaknesses of the game.

How Can I Earn With StarCrazy? Part 1 (Blog)

As time goes on, StarCrazy creates more ways for you to earn money. We’ve written about them before but this blog collects the earlier info and includes the latest features available. Don’t delay. Dive in and start earning today. Time is $$.

Steps to enter the game:

Option 1: Metamask

Step 1: Install the metamask: https://metamask.io/

Step 2: Add a custom RPC/Network In the MetaMask browser extension, open the “Networks” drop-down menu at the top, and click the “Add Network”:

Step 3: Input the respective network values for IoTeX Mainnet:

Network Name: “IoTeX Mainnet”

RPC URL: See Babel API Endpoints » (Example: https://babel-api.mainnet.iotex.io)

Chain ID: 4689

Symbol: IOTXExplorer URL: https://iotexscan.io

Step 4: Click the Save button and make sure IoTeX is selected as the active network

Step 5: Click the link to enter the game: https://game.starcrazy.com/?cid=nov

Option 2:

Using Iopay Wallet you can download though this link: Iopay.me

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