Crypto Freebies 1: Rollercoin and Brave

By 3NiGMa | Crypto-Freebies | 1 Jun 2021

Greetings all you budding cryptoheads!

This is my first blog on Crypto Freebies, a blog where I share the best and easiest ways to make a quick buck of crypto! Let's dive straight in!

Brave Browser

One of the most popular free apps for getting crypto is the brave browser. This chromium-based web browser contains a system called Brave Rewards, in which users can select how many uninvasive ads they would like to see per hour of browsing, and what sort of ads they would like to see. Whenever a user sees an ad, whether they click on it or not, they are rewarded with a small amount of cryptocurrency, in the form of BAT tokens. 

brave-ads-launch-ternio.jpg^The type of subtle ads that Brave shows its' users.


BAT is an ERC-20 token that is native to the Brave browser, and the ease with which one can earn 4-5 BAT per month for doing practically nothing is astonishing! BAT is currently worth around $0.70 US, but with the growing number of Brave users, and therefore trading volume, that could easily break $10 within the next few years.




A popular way of earning free crypto is by doing surveys and playing games on various websites. However, most of these are monotonous and only give you one-time rewards. Enter Rollercoin, a free, no-BS crypto mining simulator. The more games you play, the higher your "hashrate" is, and the more crypto you earn per hour.

Just from playing a couple of games every day for a couple of weeks, you can buy virtual miners, that do the hard work for you!

Once you mine enough of it, you can withdraw your crypto (which is either Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Tether) directly into a wallet! There is also an option to spend your own crypto on in-game items to increase your mining capabilities, but this option takes a while to break even with the money spent, so only do it if you're planning a longer-term investment!

That's all for today! Feel free to comment any issues or suggestions for future posts!

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