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Crypto Winkies (WKN): The ICO has just started!

By Lebonsamaritain | Crypto France | 1 Nov 2021

Worn by alumni of the prestigious engineering school Polytechnique, the crypto Winkies of the Winkyverse project has just started its ICO. With a token accessible at a price of € 0.006 for this first phase which will end on November 7.

While the project should be available on exchanges during the month of January, the group has just started raising funds via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An ICO which will take place in 3 stages and which promises in view of the potential displayed by the project. Zoom today on the perspectives to participate.

Zoom on the Winkyverse Project

Zoom on the Winkyverse ProjectBorn in 2017, the Winkyverse project displays strong ambition from the outset. With the desire to use new technologies to prepare the awakening and learning of the youngest. An ambition that will make it possible to initiate a first fundraising in May 2018, from business angels. 12 months later, the Winky robot, at the heart of the learning ecosystem, will see its popularity explode. With a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform that will break all records. The robot is now available in Europe and in major brands such as Fnac. For more than 5,000 users on the old continent.

Winkyverse therefore subscribes in the world of the metaverse. By proposing the first project in the world in this sector and in connection with education. In a very concrete way, the solution puts at the heart of its educational project a robot that will allow learning on very broad themes: robotics, artificial intelligence, programming, augmented reality, video games or even blockchain.

At the heart of this ecosystem, Winkyverse offers its own token: the Winkies crypto. A currency that will be at the center of the Winkyverse project, in particular as a means of payment.

WKN Crypto ICO Details

The Winkies crypto will be available through a 3-phase ICO. The first phase has just started yesterday and will end on November 7th. During this phase, it is possible to invest in the token at the preferential price of € 0.006. But to be able to take advantage of this advantageous rate, the minimum ticket is € 2,500. During this first phase, 600 million tokens will be sold. The tokens will then be blocked for 2 months (cliff). After this period, Phase 1 buyers will face a 9 month vesting. A vesting period during which they will receive each month, 11.11% of their total investment.

The second phase of the ICO will take place between November 8 and 21. It will allow the token to be purchased at a price of € 0.008, for a minimum entry ticket of € 1,000. All with a one-month cliff and a 6-month vesting. It will therefore take 7 months to recover all of the tokens invested during this phase which provides for the sale of 800 million tokens. Finally, the ICO will end with the third and final period. Between November 22 and December 5, the token will be accessible at a price of € 0.01. For 1 billion tokens planned for sale. A round 3 which presents the main interest of not having a cliff or vesting. Ideal for investors who want to keep some form of liquidity on their assets.

Good to know : To buy the token you will have to go through the ERC-20 or BEP-20 network. For the purchase, it is possible to settle its WNK with USDT, USDC, ETH or BNB.

The following table shows the different elements:

WKN Crypto ICO Details

Winkyverse: Which sequel?

For the time being, it is difficult to predict anything in terms of rating. The token is not yet available on exchanges, whether centralized like the Binance or Coinbase platform or decentralized (Uniswap or Pancakeswap). The first listings and the first exchanges should take place during the month of January. Or only a few weeks after the end of round 3 of the ICO.

From the point of view of the fundamentals, it is clear that the project is part of a booming sector: the world of the metaverse. A sector in which large technology companies are investing heavily so as not to miss the turn. For example, Facebook recently announced its intention to invest more than $ 10 billion in this promising branch over the next 12 months.

In terms of popularity, if we compare Winkyverse to other recent ICOs, the LEDs seem to be green. Thus, compared to the Pokmi project (formerly RarePorn) and its 15,000 followers on Telegram, Winkyverse has a larger base. With 45,000 subscribers on the Telegram network. Same story on Twitter or Winkyverse collects more than 55,000 subscribers against 37,000 for the Poken project already available on the exchanges. These indicators and this comparison may therefore suggest some form of success for the future crypto Winkies (WNK). Indeed, compared to the last phase of ICO, the PKN token of the Pokmi project has seen its price multiplied by 6.

Winkies Crypto: Are all the lights green?

The booming metaverse market, the current success of a large majority of ICOs, the popularity of the project, there are many factors that point to a successful launch. But these are not the only parameters to consider. A fortiori when we think about the long term.

The management team seems to accredit the seriousness of the project. With alumni of the most renowned engineering school in France: Polytechnique. The network of partners is also a source of optimism. In particular with the support of BPI France or the Ministry of Education. If we focus on fame, the Winky robot is already firmly established. With more than 250 media publications about it.

Want to invest ? 

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