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By Taotao | Crypto for Dabblers | 11 Oct 2021

There are an increasing number of play to earn games popping up that offer tokens, crypto and NFTs.  Play to earn? Sounds great.  Unless you're like me of course.  I can't find the time for these games.  It's not that I haven't tried, it's just that my conscience gets the better of me and I find myself thinking about all of the other things I should be getting done.  Until I found Coin Hunt World, and that changed everything for me. Coin Hunt World may not be the best choice for you in this ever-evolving world of play to earn, so I'll give you a brief run down on some of the other up-and-coming games and you can decide for yourself which of these might be a good match.  Today we'll look at the games that are currently on fire where players can both collect and earn.



Axie Infinity



This is the big guy, you know, the one you can't ignore.  Axie currently has more than one million players active on any given day.  This comes as no surprise, considering the hype that was produced by Mark Cuban backing it.  

Axie NFTs can be bought and sold, and this can also be done with the in-game land.  Considering the substantial user base, there is certainly an active market for an Axie player to sell their in-game collections, and we are seeing some people making considerable earnings through this game.  If you like collectibles, this game will have particular appeal for you. A quick glance at the marketplace and I see that most breeds of Axie are being listed for $200 upwards to several thousand!

Full Disclosure: I don't play Axie Infinity.  It looks like it's cute and fun, but I stopped myself at the signup stage, when I discovered that I would have to send over ETH to purchase my first 3 Axies to get started in the game.  I don't dispute the likelyhood that this tiny investment would pay off, but I just found that when faced with this initial fee, I had to stop and consider if I really could commit to the game.  At some point, maybe I will feel like I can.  But not today.  Still, this is a huge and very popular game and I think if you have even the slightest interest, it would be worthwhile to sign up.



AVvXsEjOTotSXLEXkthQkBfGnPs5EjKO68ziOQKfDaN4phDoxGLxsjD9BH7Lujpw4rGMnN3I-FPIHNi7P16MfU1ad3D60tm6HLtxxlKsfAP0acfp19kha4p-2U-3xOoxutwxKBlkEN9hLYa55_0T3EWMQmY5WPPbNgYAx_kZFIn1Ci2VEyW3jv49FviEIMZP-g=s320   if property flipping is your thing, Upland is the place to go to do it virtually.  This game is a metaverse where you own your properties and there is plenty of future potential for businesses and other adapatations. One million NFT properties have already been minted, suggesting a fan base that will support further growth and valuation of property. Upland has a great feel, and if you enjoyed playing Monopoly as a child, this game will likely keep you engaged and earning.   Full Disclosure: I don't play Upland.  There is an aspect to the game where the player renews their visa every 7 days.  Failure to do so can result in a loss of assets.  So if you're in, you have to commit.  I'm pretty low commitment, and don't want a game to become a responsibility.  I want to be able to take it or leave it without the FOMO.  



Coin Hunt World



    This one.  But hey, what's right for me may not be right for you, and that's why I mentioned the two other games above.  For me, Coin Hunt World hits the sweet spot.     This game is still in its Beta mode at time of writing, so we may see drastic changes as it evolves to the fanbase preferences.  CHW is a great choice if you enjoy the 'get up and go' aspect of Pokemon Go.  I like it because its something fun to do as I take a walk or get out and about on errands.  Basically, the overworld landscape is populated with keys and vaults to put the keys into.  Unlocking a vault reveals a trivia question.  Answer the question correctly, get a reward that will include either Bitcoin or Ether.  The payout is tiny, just dust really, but the trivia is fun and it's satisfying to see your account grow.  I also like this game because they deal with the BIG TWO cryptos.  I don't especially care if I earn tons of an unknown crypto that may never gain any real value.  But BTC and ETH are well-established and I strongly doubt their value will drop to zero overnight.   I don't play CHW every day, and when I do play, I don't play for hours and hours.  It's a few minutes here when I go out to buy milk type of deal.  My account currently has over $200 worth of BTC and ETH.  Not bad for a hobby. It won't make me rich, but it is a nice little bonus to playing a trivia game in my free time.   If you've found this article interesting, please consider using my  referral link to join Coin Hunt World.  Please note that as the game is in Beta, it may occassionally not be open for new players to join.  If this is the case, you can keep retrying and eventually you will get in.  Let me know if you find it enjoyable!





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