Acquiring Bitcoin One Satoshi at a Time

By Taotao | Crypto for Dabblers | 16 Oct 2021

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I’ll spare you the suspense and cut right to the chase. I opened a Shakepay account in April 2021 and my account currently has $67.21 of free contributions from Shakepay.


Ok, not a mind-blowing windfall.  But for someone like me with bills to pay and having been laid off for a year because my industry collapsed during the pandemic, I'll gladly accept anything coming my way. Here's my analysis after exploring this product for six months: worth it because of the little-to-no effort involved. The catch? You have to open the Shakepay app every day and shake your phone, which is really not much of a catch at all because it takes all of three seconds. It sounds silly, but this is Shakepay's way of keeping people coming back to their app in the hopes that some people will use if for buying and selling their crypto.

Every day you give your phone a little shake and Shakepay sends you a few satoshis.  Every day of your shaking streak, the payout increases incrementally up to a maximum. You'll start out earning 120 satoshi a day, and work up from there, depending on your ability to remember that your phone (yeah, that little piece of technology that you pick up and use 3000 times a day anyway) needs a little shake.  In my own personal story of heartbreak, I forgot to shake one day about a month ago.  I had worked my way up to earning over 800 satoshi a day, and then, BAM! I was back to the start of 120 satoshi a day.  Still, my account continues to grow in tiny increments so I have no complaints.

Based on my progress after six months, I can say with confidence that I will have over $100 of free Bitcoin after a year of shaking my phone with Shakepay.  In terms of $/day, that's absolutely not a bonanza. No one is quitting their day job here.  But I think of it this way: if, once a year, a random stranger walked up to me and offered me $100 with no strings attached, I would feel pretty lucky indeed.

To conclude, I definitely think its worthwhile to sign up with Shakepay.  Please note that Shakesats (the program that offers these rewards) can only be activated if you create your Shakepay account through a referral link.  With a referral, Shakepay will give both the parties $10 if the individual referred invests $100.  Maybe you're like me and just don't have $100 right now.  No problem.  You can still use this referral link  and even with an empty account, Shakestats will be activated for you.

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Crypto for Dabblers

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