Intro to Presearch: A Must-Add For Passive Crypto Enthusiasts

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 22 Jul 2020


Quick note before we get started...

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Hello friends!

Ever since my Brave Browser post became my most popular on P0x, I've been extremely excited to share my other favorite source of passive income in 2020:

Presearch ($PRE)


What is Presearch?


In the simplest terms possible: Brave is to Google Chrome what Presearch is to Google search. Like DuckDuckGo, Presearch is bringing decentralization to the internet search market, and opening up some incredibly exciting opportunities in the process, such as:

  • Rewarding users with free crypto for every search
  • Fairer, more cost-effective keyword advertising opportunities
  • Increased internet privacy

Unlike with Google, which reaps all of the rewards of their search ecosystem, Presearch shares the value of the ecosystem with our members by granting PRE tokens when you search.
-Presearch Team via Medium

For more info on Presearch's vision, I highly recommend browsing around their Medium articles.  Lots of great insight and explanations on how to make the most of the platform!

Brave + Presearch: A match made in crypto heaven

If you've read my Brave post, you know that I'm a massive fan of getting paid for doing nothing.

Now, thanks to Presearch, I'm receiving a steady flow of kickbacks for viewing ads AND searching on the web.

Something to be aware of though: since Presearch is still very new, you may run into some issues when setting up Presearch as your Brave search engine. I originally added it as a "new search engine" inside Brave settings, and while it DID properly use Presearch for my address bar searches, it did NOT send PRE rewards to my account for each search.

Rewards are good. We want those.

The solution is simple: Just add this extension to your Brave Browser.

Hopefully Brave adds Presearch as a default browser option in the future (with rewards integration), but for now, the extension does the job just fine!


Now that you've integrated Brave and Presearch into your web-browsing repertoire, you're earning 100% passive crypto for both ads and web searches.


The Numbers

Presearch awards you 0.25 PRE for every search, and is capped at a maximum of 8 PRE per day (32 searches).

presearch rewards

Doing some simple math, we can easily calculate an estimate of how much that will earn you at the token's price at time of writing ($0.016 USD).

8 PRE x $0.016 per coin = $0.13 USD per day, or ~$3.84 USD per month.

Of course, this doesn't take into account the massive amount of growth potential for the token's price. Thanks to its rapidly-growing user base  and deep-value ranking on Coin Gecko (#383), there's strong reason to believe that the PRE token has a hell of a growth curve ahead of it. If this project continues on the path of success I'm confident it will, us early users could be in for some substantial capital appreciation on our investment.



If you're as hyped as I am on the future of Presearch, you're in luck: My next post will be a deep dive into how I'm personally using Presearch's revolutionary Keyword Staking system to boost traffic to my personal website, as well as earn some bonus passive income through affiliate links that require zero additional work!


Continue to PART 2 - The Complete Guide to Keyword Staking With $PRE!





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