Grind Season: ROLL CALL!
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Grind Season: ROLL CALL!

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 14 Jan 2021

Hello beautiful people of Publish0x,


I just finished up an extremely inspirational phone call with a friend of mine, and wanted to share some of that energy with you all! Gather round...

1. We're all feeling the residual hangover from 2020, but things are looking up

There are SO MANY things to be hyped about right now, folks. In the context of the crypto community, I hope you've all been loading up on your crypto stash recently, because the fruits of our bets are finally beginning to pay off! We have every reason to believe this is only the beginning of the bull rush to come for BTC and others, so do yourself a favor and RELISH what's about to hit the world like a tsunami!

The world doesn't understand that we're still just scratching the service ;)


2. This is the greatest time in history to pin our ears back, and GRIND

We're all in different situations across the world, but for the majority of the people I know, there's NEVER been a better time to focus on the hustle.

I don't know about you, but I'm an extremely social guy, so the fact that there isn't a peep of nightlife, travel, or anything else tempting going on in most parts of the USA or other countries makes it easier than ever to cut out the usual "fun expenses" and re-invest that time & money into side hustles.


What will you be grinding on to kick off 2021?


Me? I'll be focusing on a few goals:

1. Write more quality blog posts to share with you on here
2. Reach 10,000 Instagram followers
3. Reach 2,000 Twitter followers


Let's all hold each other held accountable this year, people!! SHARE YOUR GRIND BELOW.




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