BREAKING: Bitcoin Demand Crushing Supply of Top Trading Platform
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BREAKING: Bitcoin Demand Crushing Supply of Top Trading Platform

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 17 Jan 2021

Hellooooo beautiful people,


We have some very bullish news comin' in REAL hot.

I just got caught up on my Twitter notifications, and my man Marcos Rivas dropped by one of my posts from earlier this week to fill us in on some very huge news: E-Toro, a juggernaut among international trading platforms, has officially announced a CRYPTO SHORTAGE to its users in a bombshell email this morning:


Full message:

crypto demand


For those new to the space, let me break this down for you in layman's terms:



Circulating supply is DECREASING.

Price go up? LIKELY.


This is incredibly bullish news for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto industry, as a supply shock appears to be imminent in the near future. Once we begin seeing a waterfall effect of shortages among more big platforms...oooohhh boy.


Keep calm and HODL on,



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