IF a woman tells you the following...., GO MEET A NEW ONE ! YOU DESERVE BETTER ! real life story

By alexisread | personal TIPPS | 14 Dec 2023

LEARN AND WIN , before you remain STUPID AND LOSE.




Even with an Oven(on wood) and GAS heating....a woman will say....'' it will be ...too cold ''🥶

Even with food .....from Garden , a woman will say '' its not enough food'':NOPERS:

Even with XX investments and passive income, a woman will say '' you dont bring enough money home ''🤑

this woman( from this story), surely hates you and she's NOT THE RiGHT ONE !:peeposcam:

GO ! Meet a new WOMAN, that sustains your work , every cent you bring home....and every GOOD food you get

(especially #exitthematrix food, no poison, selfmade -like in the picture...yeah thats me !!! )
join Torum , posting more #exitthematrix there


START A NEW LIFE with someone...... who truly , helps you ..... appreciate your soul and thinking + work !

(i have met the wrong woman and gave her the chance....NEVER DO THIS !!!!! NEVER !!!!! i will beat the SH** out of you !!!! I promise !!!! Dont get fooled !!! you will thank me later ,for this post. Im 100% sure )

PS: dont even think to make kids....only because you want.....thats the biggest mistake you can do, especially if it is the wrong woman.

:  i did PS1......and now ....i have to suffer....and get stronger.  ITS A HARD TIME, no one deserves this !!!

SO .....

PS3 : i will beat the SH”” out of you if you still want to remain with THE WRONG WOMAN !!!! get out , meet good people and especially for you MEN, out the good right woman ! 


THANKS for reading , be save ! +join Torum

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