How to make a Faucet

How to make a ** click to get Crypto/ LTC FAUCET ** Part1 : presenting my final product

By alexisread | personal TIPPS | 18 Mar 2022

Hy there, 

today I decided to make a new post about something that might also be interesting for you.

I had a shock about investing in the shout outs ....of the crypto world .

After my last Article  AlexisCryptoCheck- TRX Cloud mining- - closed my account / Beware of Scam  , I had to change the perspective. NOW.....




pays LTC to



and opened an Youtube Channel.  




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1. Make a Wallet at

Your will find a LTC WALLET ADRESS there ----->  Faucetpay Website ---> User Dashboard ---> Deposit ----> Create or Copy LTC ADRESS

2. Go to LTC FAUCET, solve shortlink, input LTC ADRESS from Faucetpay




I think, I have changed some perspectives like :


1. dont question anymore * How do I do it * , if you want to know..reasearch and learn, --then do it

2. Invest time in your Skills, ADD NEW SKILLS , be open to learn new stuff.

3. Invest also money, I am still talking about your skills. Even if it is 1 will make the difference, see my LTC FAUCET 

4. Polish your skill - you will see better RESULTS.




The next time, I will do a special video on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN FAUCET.


Follow my Youtube Channel , the video will be there FIRST .


Thanks for reading , enjoy the Free Crypto you will get from Publish0x and from me  ! ;) 


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