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Today, I have read an article that got into my mind.... a long time ago.

Most of crypto transactions are viewable, I you can*t see the neighbour bank transfers,, officially...
but crypto....... yes....
they will push the is too easy to trace anything

So as a introduction, it is time to wake you up a little bit and give you the sense of reality back.

Sure , there are some Agency*S who want to have more control over the world population. But we are a little far from that.

Not to mention that we all have too much data to be saved, yet. But soon it will reverse. Everyone of us leaves some DATA in the WWW when : browsing, looking, opening internet or chatting( whatever, on internet). Now imagine that an AI has an connection to all DATA on EARTH.

Well.... don't get to highhhhhh....... like me......, but remember,  we have everything, for that next step it might happen soon.


There was a NEWS that already last Year, a Swiss encryption company Crypto AG was controlled by the CIA and west german intelligence agency'S.


Eduard Snowden already had some thoughts on the THETA LIVE STREAM happened a few days before the CRASH .


At the moment, I only know that MONERO TRANSACTIONS CAN'T be TRACED . The Government issued an BOUNTY FOR THAT also.



Twitter for the proof of CIA involvement,





Quoth the Raven   @QTRResearch    



NEXT from me : 

  The European Union also issued an BTC wallet KYC law.  But since you are on an Exchange, that will do automatically everything.
If you have an extern wallet, take care and inform yourself about the new LAW.

For now, I hope your informed about the future, or the future will do what ever he likes ......... without your permission.  


Thanks for reading, love ya all




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