How to turn Beans into Gas

By Anony | Crypto Fool | 4 Oct 2019

One of the problems with moving coins on the Ethereum blockchain is the cost of gas. Sometimes it doesn't even make sense to sell cheaper tokens as the cost of gas can outweigh any potential profit. But how does one create more gas?

One answer is obvious, beans create gas, right? So all one needs to do is purchase Beancoin from the one or two exchanges it is sold on. Or Beancash. Or whatever they decide to call it nowadays. They have their own developer channel that everyone is free to join and after listening to the lead dev for a couple of minutes, you'll have to agree, he is full of hot air. Since he is so full of it, that must mean it's easy to convert beans into gas. And it is!

Unlike the carnivorous coins that require staking, Beans instead uses a vegetarian model, known as 'proof of bean'. And how is that different from regular staking you might ask? Well, you can ask, but there is no real answer to that besides the fact that it sounds kind of cool, I guess. Or silly. Or non-meaty.

So after staking, err, beaning the coin for a while you should eventually get a reward of 1000 beans. Yes, a free 1000 coins for doing nothing besides letting your computer run non-stop eating up electricity. Currently you can sell beans on an exchange out there somewhere if you hunt long enough, and at current prices that 1000 beanos is worth about 3000 sats. That's not bad right? Or is it? I'm not sure, maybe it's not so great. But anyway...

If you save enough beans then you can buy a teensy bit of ETH. Then simply move that ETH to your wallet and use it to pay gas fees! It may only take months or years to save up enough beans, but the more you get, the more gas they can spout out in your direction.

So are there any downsides to this gas creating endeavor? Well, besides the little problem of Bean being delisted from any exchange you have heard of before, not really! There are fees of course that probably will make moving teensy bits of ETH not very cost-effective, but you can get around that by growing more and more beans, and only time and delistings are your enemy.

Don't let high gas fees bother you any longer, just let your computer grow beans (and your electrical bill) instead!

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