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$30k- $1 million, passively: Update 3

By MadMaxx | Crypto Fondue | 27 Jan 2021

Hi guys. Welcome to another update!

First off, I figured out that giving daily updates would be a bit too much. You don't need to know every tiny 0.1% change in the portfolio. So I'd only be giving updates when something major happens. Like what happened a few minutes ago.

But before then, Changelly was kind enough to power this episode of the series. Swap cryptocurrencies that aren't chain related, with the fastest customer support! Use this link to get 10% off fees for the first month.


A request: If you like these articles, consider leaving a tip. I plan on using the gains from this post to pay for gas fees, so that the $30k stays as close to $30k as possible. 


Uniswap Liquidity Update

Liquidity has been giving insane gains! With the recent volatility in Ethereum price tag, volume has been through the charts, leading to an amazing profit in my liquidity level. However this gain isn't all it seems to be. More in the next section.


Statera Update: Don't fuc**** do it

Well, the index fund was a bust. 

First off, it's based HEAVILY on Statera, which I didn't see before. The Statera token itself isn't the strongest thing in the world, and with pretty low liquidity, small sells completely obliterate price. Which was what happened today, causing me to lose over $400 worth of my LP tokens. I swiftly moved my money out of the pool and moved it into Uniswap to temper the loss. Was a pretty huge loss considering it completely cancelled out the Uniswap gains and left me $50 in the red. However, if Liquidity remains the same today, along with volume, we should have a pretty good day.

So the TL;DR is: Do some TA on the Statera token before using any of their funds. If you don't like Statera, you'd hate the funds too. Learn from me.


Compound Update

Compound has given the most stable updates so far, with very steady (but low) interest rates. I have however been earning COMP as well at a very low interest rate (about $5 worth of COMP earned in these few days). I have also earned about $20 interest, so Compound isn't giving much money quickly. However, the aim with compound is pretty simple: Passive income that will be reinvested.

At around month 6, if my calculations are correct and if everything remains stable, I should have a 40% gain on my total amount invested. Which means that reinvesting that along the way would pay some huge dividends. And that's not counting COMP rewards. Eat that inflation.

So for now, I have to take my eyes of the "small" gains, and focus on the bigger picture 


Yearn Finance Update

I invested some USDC into the Yearn vaults, however I haven't seen any refreshes in my rewards yet. Could possibly be a glitch, so I plan on removing from the vault today to add it back again. Just to see if I got any money from it.


Not much happened in the past few days. I lost a bunch of money on the index fund, which completely cancelled out my Uniswap gains. However, I will probably be back to the green by the end of today. The journey has only slowed  down, not stopped. Stay tuned!

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