Complete guide: How can solving captchas give you profit

By Mr. Smart | Crypto Fever | 1 May 2021

You all may have been came across fields that says "I am not a robot" or "Click here to make sure you are not a bot". These are called captchas which are used to protect apps and sites from bots . But you can even earn by solving captchas using a platform called 2captcha that i will provide in my article. Also i will add a withdraw proof of the site.

Withdraw proof:

Before giving you the details i would like to show you the withdrawal proof from the site .So below is the link to one of my bch withdrawal from 2captcha.



As you can see in image the site provides same day withdrawal with a minimum withdrawal of 0.25$ (BCH) and also have several other methods of withdrawal.


How do you earn:

The site gives you captchas to solve for solving each captcha you are paid.There are two types of captchas :
1) Normal captcha: text captchas in which you have to type letters show in an image. Its cpm is 0.3$ means you will get 0.3$ per 1000 normal captchas.

2) Recaptcha: Captchas containing a check box asking you to solve a puzzle etc . This has a cpm of more than 1$ .


How to join

Here is the link to the site -

signup using your email and start earning now.



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