Crypto Rain: XLM - Earn Stellar for free!

Crypto Rain: XLM - Earn Stellar for free!

By RustyBitcoin | Crypto Faucet Apps | 16 May 2020

Crypto Rain: XLM is our first shot at modern crypto faucet apps. RustyBitcoin is a new company but we have years of experience in developing crypto faucets. We know that the following are needed to make a great crypto faucet app:

   - Beautiful, intuitive and responsive UI that doesn't lag

   - Quick claims: it shouldn't take more than 1 minute to claim your prizes

   - Low withdrawal thresholds: users don't want to wait for weeks to get their crypto! Our average time between first claim and withdrawal is usually 2 days.

   - Quick payments: our payments are automated and sent out every hour!

On top of that we have added some interesting concepts that we believe will make the experience more rewarding and engaging:

   - Levels: users can level up as they earn Stellar by claiming and completing offers. The higher your level, the higher your claim multiplier! Earn increasingly more crypto as you progress.

   - Referral program: earn 15% from your referrals! Just share the referral link you'll find in the app.

We have chosen Stellar because of its very low transfer fees, blazing fast transactions and its wonderful SDKs which are officially supported in a wide variety of programming languages.

The app is only available on Android at the moment. We are working on an iOS version. You can download our app here:

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