My First Publish0x dollar - isn't that something!


Greeting my fellow publish0xers.

well here I am sitting here enjoying a nice mango spliff. Guess what? One of my articles as made its first dollar! nice, i am proud of that!  It's only a dollar but it's some motivation to keep going.

-Takes puff of some nice mango doobage-

So im getting a bit stoned now, i'd like to add input on how I 'think' my article has gained some views/earnings.

I'm thinking the title did the 'trick'



A good title must be one of the important factors to a good click bait. A good thumbnail / picture is most likely the next important factor. What do you guys think? Picture or Title? I used to think Pictures, but the views I received on this one surpassed my expectations. To be honest, I thought it was going to be another dud article. Maybe I hit some algo or a bit of luck, maybe the content was decent. 

So Thats my advice to anyone reading. The title is pretty important.

I never really gave it much thought before. Now that I'm sitting here writing thinking about it and pretty stoned as well. The title leads into the topic! That being said, a good title will give you a good topic to write about, and that will also give you some decent ideas for pictures and other stuff for some extra sauce... BAM! 

Thats the spirit! lol. think about ' dragonball z' that was a pretty classic title. I wonder how long it took that guy to come up with the idea, maybe it was easy for him. sometimes good ideas just come and go like that.  Nontheless it has some incredible story / animation, but the title really gave it that next level factor. Do you remember the ending voice actor. 'next time... on dragon ball z!' 

Welp, I could ramble on and on, i'm just shooting air.

Take care out there- hope all is well in the world.. The news is kind of depressing most of the time, bless this mango doobie and hope to see some better days incoming. Bless to anyone out there reading, some good ideas and articles for you!

Hopefully I will have some more interesting articles in the future - Just thought I'd drop a quick post (and catch some drips, lol)




thanks @publish0x for this nice site, you guys are doing a good job. Good luck to all the other bloggers out there. For anyone who hasn't started yet... what are you waiting for! One small step will lead to big leaps. I've been inspired to work on some Website stuff and apps, Cheers publish0x! 




Feel free to check out the article the blew up (for me, 1k views is blowing up lol)


welcome to The dark side of crypto (



Picture source:  800+ Best Pebbles Photos · 100% Free Download · Pexels Stock Photos



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