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Crypto has revolutionized the realm of currencies.

thanks to the new generation of influencers, people are often in fear of missing out. fomo is something we all deal with on a daily basis.

it seems like everyone else is getting rich over night with nfts and doge coins.

when people in the media we trust like the famous female investor Cathy woods shill Bitcoin to 420k , we believe her.

Who wants to miss out on the gains train?

- queues Futurama meme:


Truth is that the majority of people are going to lose money. Only a few lucky people will.

The skeptics. Skeptics are the type of people who question things. They play it safe and pinch every penny. They are natural contrarians. Contrarians are the opposite of fomo. While everyone else is being greedy and driving market prices up, they’re the guys selling!

Not everyone starts out as a skeptic. Skepticism is something you learn from experience. They were once victims to the Fear of missing out.

Everyone one will eventually lose out on something. When you fear on missing out , your chances of losing is almost ten fold.

Perhaps it’s human nature. We don’t want our team to lose - humans hate losing. That is when our emotions become fragile and vulnerable. All of a sudden , nothing even matters.

when you’re too focused in on the moment and volatility is occurring- it’s quite similar to experiencing adrenaline rush. That’s what makes gambling addictive and dangerous.

the bank account is almost just as important as your significant others, perhaps even more important. When you lose a lot of money on your investment, it’s depressing. you are now a loser. suddenly your wife does not love you. You can’t afford to buy things anymore and now your daughter thinks you are a loser too.

money does not equal happiness, but gosh darn I need money. I need it bad.

Thats sort of how the first ‘love’ is like. People often give the ‘love yourself’ advice. It’s true - this is what being contrarian is.

instead of doing what’s popular , you’re doing the opposite. Contrary to popular belief you practice due diligence. You don’t judge a book by its cover.

don’t waste time with looking at the charts like a monkey drawing lines making investments visually, you study the documentation and make calculated moves mathematically.

study the fundamentals. what makes the market move, where’s all the liquidity and when did it get there. Where is the liquidity going next?

Lastly , take care out there. Don’t forget , we are all humans. We all make mistakes. You will make a mistake- that’s when you become the skeptic. Be professional skeptics , my friends.



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