How to Trade Runescape Gold for Crypto

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This is how you can trade Runescape gold for Crypto - Essentially bypassing the almighty KYC.

Thats right... Who's got time for that!


Anyways ; I'll keep it simple. 


1. Obtain some runescape gold.

play the game and Earn GP - If you are not expert , I dont suggest this method

Buy Runescape bonds from Jagex ( At the Official Website or IRL Store like 7-11 ) - This is Not the Preffered method and should only be used as a last resort. Buying from the 7-11 store is the absolute only way to completely avoid all KYC , Because you can use cash at the store.

Right nows, The best and most effecient way to get some OSRS gold is buying from the gold sellers.

I will vouch for two websites. /

Eldorado is an open marketplace where anyone can offer to sell gold. This is where the main Competative price of the market is.. Because of the fact anyone can sell gold, People that are desperate to sell will undercut the cheapest price. The website will act as middleman & the gold seller will document the trade for his own protection. You enter certain details before buying like your account name, etc. In otherwords - Its completely safe for gold buyer. If your gold was not delivered , you receive a refund. 

On the website, you will notice a trader that has ~48k+ trades completed with the name of 'chicksgold' , among other reuputable traders.

This is the same people who run the website ' ' - Also the same chicksgold on various other platforms like - well basically every platform out there. Chicksgold is there. You can tell by the ridiculous amounts of trades and 99% good feedback / vouches. 


Once youve aquired  at least 50 million gold ( chicksgold trade you for less than that, or most other Gold buyers. )

Open a Chat on the  Website , Then tell them what you want to do. I usually ask 

'I want to trade some runescape gp For crypto , whats your going rates' and 'which cryptos u got, whats the cheapest fees'

they usually will reply something  like = BTC or USDT - Tether - And whichever questions you have and what prices they offer. 

Chicksgold is not the only one, but Its the one with a lot of Reputation. 

After a few minutes of chat - They will tell you Where to trade them in runescape. Once you Deliver your Runescape gold to them , they will send to your crypto wallet. Be sure to confirm in the online chat every step of the trade and dont trade an Imposter who will scam you.

When you are in the trade screen for runescape , the usual thing they will say is '50m me' , also you should be asking them ' 50m u?' and confirm, before accepting any trade. 

... So , thats basically it. You just traded Runescape gold for crypto and they did not ask for any forms of ID.

You can simply Buy RSGP or Crypto off them , But they will ask for ID if you want to buy. There are some places where you can buy RSGP without ID , But , I suggest using the websites like - You only need KYC ( its not very stricty ) For the first purchase. 

Before you say something like- but wait , you still need to kyc - As i explained above - You can buy Membership codes from 7-11 with cash.

or Gold from Other people without KYC. For example, ;

Is a Forum where anyone can make posts. you can trade Gold, accounts , etc. There are plenty of users with a lot of Vouches/Trades there who also deal with crypto , etc. Some of them dont care about kyc - stuff like paypal , cashapp , etc.. As long as you go first and the transaction is not able to be charged back ( paypal to friends/family , sending pics of your cashapp recipt).. Some of these guys have discords dedicated to selling gold.

I would link a discord -  but also , I will stay Neutral and not particularly vouch for any traders specifcally. That being said - if you are not careful , You can get scammed easily. So Take my Advice and Trade with Highly Reputable traders and use the going prices. Someone that is trying to scam will Give you an offer that seems too cheap or good to be true, Then they will make sure that you go first. That is a Red - Flag that its Scam likely. 



Buy Runescape gold from website , As it Is the Fastest way ~20mins. delivery or your money back. The website has 10+ vounchd sellers with tons of trades. I have bought say 10-20 billion gold and not gotten scammed off eldo. its system is good , they dont release money to the seller untill you click confirm on the website that they have delivered ~20mins or instant refund. the website facilitates card transactions and takes 2.5% from the seller and buyer, making them a free 5% off every trade. 

Trade your Runescape gold at Website for crypto. Once you deliver contents In-game, They will send to wallet of ur choice. They will trade you swiftly & then release their crypto instantly after theyve confirmed you delivered.  they dont ask for any ID/KYD  *If you are selling to them. 

When buying In game Currencies off , and other websites , You Only need to submit kyc on your first order - And i Almost Garauntee You will pass the kyc. If i remember correctly i snapshotted a photo of my Online E-web card and blurred out everything except the numbers and in about 5 minutes I was buying Runescape gold. I cant remember if they wanted a pic of my ID card that matched the debt card. Which ever the case was , theyll probaly take just about anything maybe expired ID or school id with horrible pixel quality and a picture of spongebob , long as you just simply make an attempt, They customer service should reply ~10 minutes.

I have tried KYC with say Moonpay or whatever else , kucoin , etc. My kyc will 100% fail every time - they want SSN# , ID , Selfie, bank numbrs, home address, the works. 


Welp, That about wraps it up. 

Trade your game currencies for crypto currencies. @


Take care !

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