Elon Musk - The greatest troll

If you haven’t noticed or payed much attention to Elon musk through out the years, his messages and posts tend to be cryptic— yet they obvious to people that know the meme.

I think this is part of what makes him stand out from everyone else. The media is always on the look out for another one of elons’ shenanigans!

Elon is relatable to the old and new generation alike. Sometimes only the boomers will understand the meme, then other times he speaks the internet language of trolls and memes.

it never ceases to amaze me how the world financial market is correlated to Elon news. What ever he says goes. His influence is so strong even in correlated assets seem to go up. Just because.

is he in a good mood about Bitcoin? Market pumps the next day.


Elon musk had a bad day? Market crashes.

‘Tesla too high’

the market mass sells Tesla shares.

Elon updated his Twitter status: ‘btc’
Elon updates his profile picture to a bunch of moons

btc goes up 5k.

With Great power comes great responsibility — Elon ‘Spider-Man’ Musk.

Who needs to do financial due diligence anymore. We have musk. simply follow the man’s Twitter profile for updates and you will be out performing the market better than the professionals working for esteemed trading firms.

The SEC has been getting angry at Elon’s memes. Elon musk tweeting ‘gamestonk!’ might just land him a few years in federal prison.



He is what I call a ‘shotcaller’

the market god, master of trolling, prince of memes— doer of all things good.

Elon has earned him self a spot on the history books for generations to come.

Alexander the Great - Einstein - Guns N’ Roses - Plato - Confucius - Sir Isaac Newton.


we have the meme god:

Elon ‘Euler’ Musk - the pog champion.

the peoples champ.

Sometimes I wonder if he really did come from somewhere else — some time else.. some kind of space time traveler. Is he influencing the market or does he know the future?

what ever the case may be, one thing is for certain. Keep your Twitter profile updated to Elon musk and follow his plays closely! The meme god never disappoints.

He is truely a ‘one-of-a-kind’ kind of guy.
Hero and friend of retail. He makes time for the Joe Rogan podcast. He makes time for paparazzi and answers questions genuinely. He does not lie.

His best quality is that he’s actually just having fun. That’s what makes him a genius and a master troll.

he respects his position of power — it’s not easy to be one man with all that power.

he’s simply a humble down to earth dude.

much respects , mr Elon.




As seen on my read.cash blog

Elon musk — the master at baiting (read.cash)


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