My Cryptocurrency wallet has been emptied

Gosh, I haven't thought I will write that kind of post here :(

This morning, wneh I opened my wallet to check its status, I was surprised in unpleasant way. It turned out, it is emptied.

All my crypto gone to some f* bastard hackers without my approval.

I haven't shared my password nor 12-words backup phrase, so I'm very surprised. I contacted my wallet's support team but they unfortunatelly cannot help me to get money back. It is very sad. I'm writing this post here, to let you know that you NEED to be very careful as there are techniques which you can be unaware but they are stealing your money.

Stolen crypto history

In my bad luck, I'm happy that I did not collect more money in the wallet.

So, maybe you have ANY idea how to get this money back? Do I have any chance, or I lost it for good and I should focus on other activities than cryptocurrency?


Below I'm pasting transaction hashes, maybe those walltes where my money gone, tell you something and save you somehow?

BTC ->

XLM ->

BNB ->

ZEC ->

I'm really sad but what can I say or do. I think the next time I will start looking into cryptocurrency, I will invest in hardware wallet :(

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