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Wow, I cannot believe that ETH price is so high. One year ago it was aroun $800 per 1ETH but today it is around $4000!

ETH price


but its price makes it attractive for people to mine. Today we have enormous network fees! Yesterday for expample, when I was reading articles on Publish0x portal, I was awarded with 31 gwei as a tip. From tip perspective it wasn't good for me at all. Mostly I was awarded between 260 - 1100 gwei in terms of ETH cryptocurrency. I have also noticed very small tips with AMPL

Publish0x admins, maybe it is time to switch into other crypto? ;) Tron (TRX) or Binance Coin (BNB) networks where a lot of interesting currencies are with small network fees? :) Who know, right?

But why I am writting this post?

I received yesterday Brave payment into my Uphold wallet. Not much, something around 20 BAT. I thought I will transfer those funds into some other place for investment as BAT is not my favourite cryptocurrency anymore. I am not getting it anywhere except Brave browser. I was very surprised when I wanted to withdraw them (yesterday evening, Europe time) and I saw 86 BAT netwrok fee! C'mon, 86 BAT fee aroun $122 to send crypto? Is it a joke :)

At this moment fee is very hig, over 20 BAT per transaction. It seems my funds will be not used for much longer than I thought...

BAT fee

It seems Brave needs to consider changing tipping system as it becomes not attractive from users perspective. Especially, they are converting USD into BAT per advertisement. Last month I received 938 ads, woow! which were calculated as B :( It seems ETH network fee is killing everything around it.

It looks like, Ethereum is not fun for me anymore and I will disable ads in my Brave browser. It will become just normal browser...

What are your feelings about that? Would you share them with us in comments section, please?

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