DOGE crash

DOGE cruptocurrency price crashed!

Some time ago I wrote an article about What happened with Dogecoin (DOGE) where I was trying to understand what is causing its price boost.

Yesterday, I read that the same person I mention in the previous post, was responsible for DOGE price crash!

DOGE price analsysis

That is very interesting, showing us what's wrong with cryptocurremcy is happending. Of course this is only general statement for the whole crytpo world. However, what we can see is danger for our money and investments to cryptocurrencies.

One day you might be a billioner and the next day you are a beggar because some single person influenced your assets price! Very sad.

Of course this may be a part of some bigger game. DOGE price has been recently very HIGH and it wasn't good invenstment window. If so, this is suspicious for me because it might be used in money frauding

For those with hudge cryptocurrency balance, that was certainly good time to sell some of them and earn quite good money.

DOGE interest

If this is the part of the game, DOGE price may drastically go down and it would be attractive to buy it again. This will tell us everything about this cryptocurrency. When it becomes the truth I would be very cautious to invest money in DOGE as it seems to not be community crypti anymore but someone's property...

What do you think about this? Am I right or I am too paranoic? :)

Thank you as always for your comments below!

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