Crypto Explorers meet NBM Battle miners (Crypto Explorers Magazin Vol.1)

Crypto Explorers meet NBM Battle miners (Crypto Explorers Magazin Vol.1)

We spoke to NBM Battle Miners and asked important questions for you. Here you will find everything you need to know about NBM Battle Miners.




Interview start:


Can you give us a brief introduction to Battle Miners and what it offers to gamers?

NFT Battle Miners, often known as NBM, developed by United IT Development Corp. came to life in 2021 as an idle mining game powered by WAX blockchain where users could mine 4 tokens and NFTs. As time was passing it became clear that NBM won't be just that, and started to evolve towards a gaming platform including various mini games, PVP card game ( launched in 22) and many other activities. But that is not all, recently NBM announced “NBM 1.5 Reborn” as a highlight for 2023. What exactly is coming hasn't been announced as of yet so there is quite a bit of anticipation building up!





How does NBM differentiate itself from other blockchain-based games in the market?

There are 4 key differentiators between the NBM and alternative blockchain based games.
1. Team
Team behind NBM is not only one of the most capable teams, but also one of the most committed ones to launch NBM towards the top of the blockchain gaming industry. One of the things that NBM team achieved is a deep connection with its core player base. This leads us to the second point;
2. Community
We could never wish for a better community. They are always full of support, helpful and happy to lead any newcomers to start their Arcadian journey. That in fact is one of the main motivational factors for the NBM team to continuously build better and faster.
3. Art
Designs of NFTs in NBM are on another level, and for that we have to be grateful to our talented design team.
4. Ever growing dreams
…. that are slowly but surely becoming a reality! NBM is one of not that many blockchain based games that don't have an end goal. NBM is planned to live and evolve for years to come!

What inspired the development of Battle Miners, and what are some of the core values that guide the team's work?

NBM idea started by a group of friends, savy gamers, that decided to improve things they disliked in the existing games on the market. Small core team started to grow and enrich itself with talented developers, designers and other specialists, becoming a respectable force.
We, as NBM team, are extremely proud of what we achieved so far as a bootstrapped company, and we believe that only the sky's a limit.
Our core values are to deliver outstanding gaming experience to our community, continuously grow our community and by doing so, spread the word about the faraway Arcadia system!

Can you walk us through the gameplay mechanics and how players can earn rewards in Battle Miners?

Currently there are multiple ways to earn rewards by participating in the NBM Arcadian adventures, and by the time you are reading this, there might already be a few more!
But, lets run through the current ones!
1. Most rewarding activity on NBM is mining. As a player, you can create mining operations by selecting a land, placing constructions on top and adding Active cards (miners). By doing so, you can mine 4 native NBM resources (tokens) and NFTs. Just recently NBM became a free to play game, whereby any new user gets basic stuff to be able to set up his first operation!
2. Participation in 2 mini games, Mining grid and Active team guess. In both mini games, users are able to use their active cards to mainly compete for smaller amounts of tokens and occasional NFTs.
3. The PVP card game became the first iteration of an active multiplayer product within the NBM brand. As a user, you build a deck with Active cards and battle against opponents, wagering resources, participating in tournaments and 2 weekly events.
4. Lucky Draw is a weekly event where users earn or buy entries for a chance to get amazing prizes.
5. Referral program - as an incentive to spread the word about NBM, by bringing new gamers to NBM you are eligible for 1% (added by NBM) of what your approved referrals mine in terms of tokens!



How does the game integrate with the WAX blockchain, and what advantages does this provide to players?

Most of the NBM assets are NFTs deployed on WAX blockchain. Same with 4 resources, being tokens deployed on WAX. Therefore NBM utilises smart contracts to operate interactivity of those blockchain based assets with the game itself.
The biggest advantage in comparison to traditional games is that you own your in game assets and can freely trade them. Meaning you can monetise them at any given time.
That offers an additional layer on top of gaming itself, trading!

Can you tell us more about the NFTs that players can acquire in Battle Miners, and how they can be used within the game ecosystem?

Since NBM has a huge variety of NFTs I will shortly introduce the most important ones:
Packs - can be opened and result in obtaining various types of cards, depending on the pack.
Land cards - Lands are locations across Arcadia rich with resources and NFTs. You are sending your mining operations to excavate on them.
Construction cards - Constructions are facilities that increase mining productivity of your operations!
Active cards - Actives are miners. Those are your workforce! Take good care of them, as they could riot otherways! Also used in mini games and PVP card game!
Boosters - those are boosting your operation productivity.


What types of weapons, armor, and other items can players acquire in Battle Miners, and how do these impact gameplay?

Some active cards are weapons or armor, but for now those are used just as any other Active cards and their statistical values determine their power, shielding etc.
On the other hand, in PVP card game, there are also consumables, items that serve as special boosts during battle and can turn the result in your favour!

How does Battle Miners ensure fairness and prevent cheating or exploitation within the game?

One of the first priorities while designing the NBM game was to not become a game that has 99%+ botting networks extracting values out of it like some of the examples we won't name.
So, we focused all the features onto minimising or completely neutralising any kind of advantage of multi accounting or botting, ensuring that everyone has equal chances.

What plans does Battle Miners have for future development and expansion?

We are currently working on NBM 1.5 Reborn, some parts of it will come very soon, but we don't want to share details yet! Instead of talking, we decided to build and deploy, and then talk ;)



How does the community play a role in shaping the future of Battle Miners, and how can players provide feedback or suggestions to the team?

Our community is full of great ideas, and they are usually posting them in our main community hub, on Discord. There is also an ultimate power given to the community, whereby they can submit voting proposals and push changes to the game if the majority supports them. Despite it being a tricky topic, with many wondering about potential backfire by giving too much power to the community, NBM has proven that with a community like we have, only the best of the ideas and really positive changes are voted out.

Can you talk about any upcoming events or partnerships that players should be excited about?

As already mentioned, the NBM team is currently working hard on NBM 1.5 Reborn. I cant share details about it, but I can tell you the basics. NBM 1.5 Reborn is a set of new features and gameplay that is planned for 23. First things could be expected within weeks and some of the bigger ones are still a few months away.
Partnerships are quite a regular occasion, for example, just today we announced a strategic partnership with Gamerse. GAMΞRSΞ is a multi-chain social Web3 game aggregator that aims to unify the fragmented Game-fi space. They are building a unique community-driven social-fi one-stop-shop Game Hub for Gamers. Introducing SAM (Social aggregator NFT marketplace) which is poised to go live March 2023 🚀
Also one thing that I can hint, NBM is looking to expand to new bigger markets this year!



How has Battle Miners evolved since its launch, and what lessons has the team learned along the way?

NBM started small, but continuously grows empowered by all the key factors, most important being a great team and an amazing community!
We have been live during the peak of the bull market and are currently around during the crypto winter. There were very rewarding times, and also times where only strong love and connection to the project help you push through. All those things help us gain experience, and utilise it in the future to better prepare for volatility that is inevitable in the space we are.
We also learned along the way key things that we need to solve to be able to achieve our greater goals.
Despite seeing, experiencing and being through a lot, we are certain that the trend of new lessons will only continue for years to come.

How does Battle Miners appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers, and what strategies does the team use to engage both audiences?

NBM has a bit for both worlds, gamers that prefer idle gaming due to limited ability to commit significant time for playing, and also active gameplay which is designed to entertain active gamers! There is also a bit for everyone, smaller players and “whales”!

Can you share any success stories or standout moments from players who have experienced Battle Miners?

It is really hard to highlight specific stories above others, especially since there are so many of them!
Many success stories, fair play moments, community throwing in and supporting member that fall victim to a phishing link, community members joining and enriching the NBM team and so much more!

How does the Battle Miners team approach game design and development, and what is the creative process like?

The creative process for NBM game design and development typically involves multiple steps. It usually starts with the game designers coming up with the game concepts and defining the game mechanics, story, and other elements that will make up the game. This process involves brainstorming sessions, research, and prototyping to test out different ideas and refine the concept.


Once the game concept has been defined, the development teams begin working on the technical aspects of the game, and the Design team starts working on art.

Throughout the development process, the game designers and developers work together with product designers to test and refine the game, making adjustments to the gameplay, user interface, and other elements as needed.

We also gather feedback from beta testers and other players from our community to help improve the game and make it more enjoyable.


Can you talk about any notable challenges or obstacles that the team has faced during the development of Battle Miners?

Definitely, I would like to highlight 3 main challenges:
1. Volatility of the market affecting our assets as they are linked to WAX token price movement
2. Hard onboarding process of gamers that are not blockchain savvy -> solved by integrating ORE ID
3. Limitations of being present exclusively on the small market such as WAX space is.

How does Battle Miners approach marketing and community outreach, and what has been the most effective strategy so far?

We learned that within the WAX ecosystem giveaways have the biggest outreach, but usually are not bringing much else than pumping social following by giveaway hunters. On the contrary, most new users are obtained via constructive partnerships and incentivised campaigns. On top of that, best marketing is word of mouth and good standing of the project. Good traction brings a lot of organic growth.

How does Battle Miners integrate with other blockchain-based platforms or projects, and what benefits does this provide to players?

NBM is usually open for various productive integrations, but one of the highlights is our Partnership pool program. We create a pool of NFTs where partner projects can allocate their NFTs and obtain visibility on our platform and target marketing towards our user base. On the other hand, our users are provided additional value by being able to mine partner NFTs on top of NBM ones.

How does the Battle Miners team stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the gaming and blockchain industries?

Our team is constantly tracking trends and new innovative technologies that come to light and tries to utilise any that boost our processes and goals. Social networks and connections with other players in the industry are usually the most common ways of getting the news ASAP.

Finally, what message would you like to share with players who are interested in trying out Battle Miners for the first time?

NBM is constantly evolving and providing new exciting ways to participate. Allowing users to test the game via free2play before deciding to obtain assets and ape into a game means that you only need a bit of time to spare and see what it is all about! Make sure to join our main community hub on Discord where the team and our community resides, willing to help, guide and assist any new venturer in Arcadia!


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