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The death of Coinpot network

By GMM | Crypto experiences | 17 Jan 2021

This is a very bad news. I got it this morning, but it went out yesterday. 
Coinpot is gonna shut down its main site and its network of faucets. 
They started some years ago, around 2013, becoming soon one of the reference sites for crypto earners. 
Their business model was quite easy and standard in the industry: get money from advertiser publishing banners in exchange of satoshis or different coins: Bitcoin, Doge coins, Bitcoin Cash, dash and lite coins. 
In addition to faucets, all accumulated on the main Coinpot site, they distributed Bonus coins for each claim (and basically view to their ads) and other targets they had: referrals (New users of their network and obviously views of their ads) or some nice games like multiplier or lottery. 
During these years they became known as the most reliable and high paying faucets network. 
I personally used it for a while (unfortunately less that one year and a half, because they really paid very well at the very beginning). Having only a little time to dedicate to this, I gained less than 0,0001 BTC with them, but anyway an interesting additional warning. 
Now their business is not working well enough, especially because they are facing high and increasing aggressions from cheaters, especially sofisticated bots able to claim without generating views and obviously money from their advertisers. 
They will focus on a nee project, not yet disclosed, based on what they discovered and learnt about anti-fraud systems and the engine they created. 
We clearly thank them bot the fun and crypto earnings generated in these years and the wish all the best for their future project. 

Now the question is: what will be the next Coinpot for us? How we will substitute it to generate some crypto earnings?

I am personally focusing on some other interest site, but I would be happy to get good advices also in the future. 
These are my preferred faucets and bots, all tested and legit:
- <a href="" target="_blank"></a> very good PTC faucet with a good referral scheme and good rates to view ads
- excellent investment site and faucet to get 1 free Doge per day with a single click and very good interests with investment plans. Up and running (and paying...) since 2018
- another good PTC site
- big site with faucet, number roll and many other ways to get coins and crypto. 
- provides access to several faucets to earn BTC, ETH, Doge, TRX and many other coins including the new launched FEYORRA

I hope this list can be useful for you and happy to get some advice too!

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