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RIP Maksym Nepyjpyvo

By Cryptotexty | Different topics | 10 Jan 2023

I decided to translate this short text to English, to show the broader losses, that Ukraine is facing right not defending our freedom.

He was a true, real Cossack. Always stylishly dressed, in the front rows at many patriotic events, at the "March of the Embroidered shirts", very often with his pipe. People say that he was very popular among girls.


I knew Maxim for many years. We didn't talk that often, but I remembered a few moments. In the premises of the bunker, on Pechersk in the government quarter, Maksym started the "Postapocalyptic Cafe", which, despite its relatively small size, was a popular place. Once I went there. Once we exchanged a little experience, I told him about my literary crypto-bar, which Maksym planned to visit, but never got there, because at that time he was running his own cafe, but his friends used to go there.

Somehow by chance we met in a bookstore-café in Podil, it was September 2021. We smoked, talked, spoke about some mutual acquaintances and some events. At that time, the Post-apocalyptic cafe was not working, there were problems with the premises owner. And I thought that if the time comes to restart a literary crypto-bar, then maybe we can do it together. The other day we were talking about books with Maxim, one day he bought a lot of books and asked my opinion about the books he chose...

December 26, 2022 - the news came that a group of Ukrainian defenders died on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Bryansk region while performing a mission. People whom I know say that he was in Kyiv just a couple of days ago. The first information came in a telegram with a photo


Maxim was 32 years old...

While composing this text, I saw that the Bratstvo organization is looking for a person who is ready to help open and lead the management of the Post-Apocalyptic Cafe in memory of Maksym Nepyjpyvo.

The Post-apocalyptic cafe is very relevant, especially in these times, and I hope it will be possible to restart it. Maxim would be happy about it.

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