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By Kyzerd | Crypto et al | 21 Mar 2022

I am writing another post about Nano and TipNano and how you can best use it. I will be posting my referral link for TipNano, and if you use it we both will profit a bit, thanks in advance.

Nano is an underestimated crypto, yes it had its all time high but still has the potential to generate some little extra cents. There are usually no transactions fees involved. So how can you get it for free daily? 

The best source in my opinion is TipNano. It is an app you can download in the app store or via my referral link :)

There are two options, either you do not do the complete sign process and take a little nano or you complete the sign up steps to increase your nano payout. How does it work?

-use the link to get started: https://tipnano.org/ref/okNLmy , complete the sign up to make your first claim. With each claim your claim percentage increases. Then start to complete tasks in order to get extra percentage payout or extra nautrino (which are nano basically)

-complete the offerwalls, here I seriously recommend to use the playtime offers, you only need to download the a game and leave it open for a certain amount of time, and the payout is really good here 

-the other offers can be completed as well but are a little tedious to complete, but still worth it

- the videos on the offerwalls are worth it as well.

- of course you can then refer your friends as well

Once you have nano (nautrino) you can withdraw. Here you can leave the tick to donate 2% of your rewards to plant trees or not.

Now where do I pay out?

I use crypto.com, they have no minimum deposit and you can either convert your nano to CRO (crypto.com own currency) or sell for fiat in order to top up your free crypto.com visa card. I am topping up my visa card with nano, you will not get rich but it will pay the occasional drink, smoke, pizza, whatever and it's fun to do.

Here some screenshots from within the app, I have been using for a few months now and really like it:)

So feel free to use my links

TipNano: https://tipnano.org/ref/okNLmy

Use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/k2my9s9n4r to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD :) 


Thanks for reading and tipping 👍

☮️ Peace everyone





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