Selling Open Sea - NFT's on polygon

By Kyzerd | Crypto et al | 29 Mar 2022

Hello out there,

times seem to be looking up in the crypto world.

With the crisis in the real world (Ukraine invasion) it has really been depressing me and I find myself shutting a little distraction (we still live in a good world compared to the suffering around) I try my shot at NFT's on

It seems to be all on the polygon network...however the prices are in ETH. My coinbase wallet is on polygon mainnet (it seems).

If you feel like purchasing I would be so happy, at the moment I am not sure if it works and I am able to sell...btw they are not expensive my nft's and I would say pretty exclusive;)

Feel free to drop by on my profile and maybe you be my first😲🤭☺️

☮️ and thanks for reading and tipping 👍

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