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By Kyzerd | Crypto et al | 11 Nov 2021

A long with Brave browser, where you can surf the internet and earn precious BAT you can also search the web using presearch and earn some PRE.

The price of PRE as of this writing is 0.257$ according to coingecko. Not yet on many markets but available on Kucoin, coinex and hitbtc.

So what's the deal? Sign up using this link:

You get 25pre on sign up and so do I (fair for both of us)

You get 0.1pre per search ( you do not need to search real stuff, searching random words does the trick). You have a maximum of 30 "paid" searches per day, meaning you can get 3pre per day for doing random searches. The only hook is the minimum pay out is 1000pre.... So you must be using it daily for at least a year to get a pay out. But hey that's fine as we are all in for the long run;)

👍Keep on hodling!

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