Nexo - a basic user experience and first steps

By Kyzerd | Crypto et al | 2 May 2022

A notice, I will give my experience of using nexo for the first month. I will be posting my referral link and would be happy, honoured and motivated if you use it if you are new to nexo. Both of us will get 25$ worth of BTC....more info on this later:)

After the first month of use of nexo I am quite satisfied. I am switching from to nexo for earning.

I use a minimum amount to test out. I am a basic user without investment in the native nexo token.

To start they you simply sign up using my referral link and deposit any crypto worth 100$ and you automatically start earning yield on a flex basis which is a minimum of 4% per year, paid on a daily basis. At this time if you used my link you will get 25$ in BTC which will be available in 30days during which time you earn you 5%. If you decide to lock up your crypto for maximum 1month you get a minimum 1% extra on top of the 4% . For example for Matic I locked up for 1 month and get 12%...:)

My 100$ of BTC are on a flex basis at 4% which I will lock up for 1month to get 5%

They have in total 4 levels

Basic: no need for nexo token

Silver: 1-5% of nexo token allocation compared to you crypto assests

Gold: 5-10% of nexo allocation needed

Platinum: over 10% needed

Each level has its own perks, here the basic level:


As basic user I get one free withdrawal after which I have to pay the network fee

They also offer a credit card which I haven't used yet (if I get resonance I might write an article about that) and you can borrow at interesting conditions which I haven't done.

I hope you enjoyed reading and here some interesting links

Minimum deposit to start earning

Minimum withdrawal

And of course my referral link

Join Nexo and get $25 in BTC! With Nexo you can earn up to 20% APR on crypto and stablecoins, borrow against or exchange cryptocurrencies and much more. Sign up here:

Thanks for reading ☺️ ☮️





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