Every Nano counts

By Kyzerd | Crypto et al | 3 Dec 2021

Actually every nautrino counts which makes up a nano.

You can now get yours for free. I discovered this a few days ago by accident and was intrigued.

There is the app wenano where you can get free nano from spots in your area. Haven't had much luck cause there are none in my area. Then I came across the Tipnano where you can claim nautrino on a regular basis, further more you can watch a few ads for more nautrino. The best thing is Playtime offers in the offerwall, download a game, play if you want to or just leave it you do not need to play and after a minute you get your first few hundred thousand nautrino even millions. Once you reach 5 millions you can withdraw. I withdraw to crypto.com plan is to convert to something else and so on.

A few tips:

- use my referral link, you will earn more and I get a little bit: Earn NANO with TipNano. Instant payments.

- complete the first few offers to enable withdrawal. There is no minimum withdrawal and no minimum deposit at crypto.com BUT try to at least transfer 10million nautrino, it's nicer to see (btw no transaction fees). It's super easy and working and not too much effort for a few dollars a week:)

If you do not have crypto.com account get one, also here you can use my referral link and we both get $25 upon successful KYC: https://crypto.com/app/k2my9s9n4r

Thanks for reading, tipping and using the referral links 👍❤️😃





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