Play AlienWorlds again and get Free Cryptomonkeys NFTs with this simple strategy

By Ceekz | Crypto Essential News | 7 Feb 2022

Lately I have started playing again AlienWorlds, the Dapp with most daily users on WAX Blockchain and one of the most famous Play to Earn Blockchain games in Crypto.

Last time I played AlienWorlds it was Spring to Summer 2021. Thereafter I quit and sold all my NFT cards including mining equipment, minions, and weapons.


I quit the game because AW at that time because it was so resource consuming that you had to stake hundreds of WAX on CPU to play. Claiming the daily mine also was a stress with transactions failing a lot of times.

Now things have changed and I have picked it  up again. First, AW is now offering 25 free mining claims per day for free without burdening your WAX CPU. Second, Cryptomonkeys the famous NFT collection has restarted dropping NFTs to those explorers who mine on its AlienWorlds lands. Third, the game interface on your mobile phone has improved a lot making it easy to mine on the road or while at work.

I see the latest updates as a win - win scenario.

If you have your old shovels you get some TLM and also some free NFTs from Cryptomonkeys (in addition to AW NFTs). If you don't you can always create a new Wax Cloud Wallet and start playing.


What I would suggest is:

a) Split your mining claims in different intervals during the days so that it doesn't feel like a repetitive faucet.
b) Integrate the mining and claiming routine to that of other click-to-earn Blockchain games like Rising Star so that you do them all together.
c) Add three mining tools (that's the maximum you can add & shovels are dirty cheap)
d) Go to Cryptomonkeys website and check the coordinates of Cryptomonkeys owned land on AlienWorlds so that you can also claim their NFTs.
e) Pick either Volcanoes or Swamplands or whatever land that has long delay so that you don't overdo it with your mining and don't get your CPU overloaded. This way your time commitment will be lower and you will get the most out of your claims for the 25 CPU free claims.

In some days you will notice that you are earning some free TLM & NFTs in your wallet just by doing your daily clicking routine and without any investment. I already got some extra TLM within days that I've now traded for WAX and 3 NFT cards!

All in all, if you don't want that TLM and those Cryptomonkeys NFTs you can sell them all and use your earnings for some Splinterlands cards or whatever other game or NFT collection you like!

PS: This is a simple guide for newbies. I don't go into explaining Planet Binance missions, Thunderdome future update, and other game mechanics in here.

PS2: New Wax Cloud Wallets cost 5 WAX now and they are credited with extra CPU, NET, RAM resources.

PS3: If you are new to WAX, it is a great Blockchain with countless games and NFT collections worth exploring. I'm sure you'll find something you like.


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