Doctor Who Digital Card Game New Updates!!

By Ceekz | Crypto Essential News | 3 Apr 2021

Well, yesterday I wasn't able to join Doctor Who - World Apart for most of the day to receive my free daily login pandaks which is the native game token. The site was for the most part under maintenance. The same thing was happening also 2-3 days ago. 

So, I thought that something is up, and finally they are catching up with their road map for the game's development. I myself, am not much of a game due to limited free time this time around. Though, in this case I wanted to follow the development of the Doctor Who - Worlds Apart blockchain game more closely due to my love for the series and the fact that they have a trademark license by the BBC Studios to use the Doctor Who name, logo, and characters.

Now, for those of you who do not know yet, and are wondering what I am talking about:  

Doctor WhoWorlds Apart is a free-to-play tactical card game that gives players true ownership of their in-game items. The game will be released for PC in 2021 with mobile to follow, and will allow players to go head-to-head with their card collections.




I tried to log into the game today and to my surprise there have been a number of additions! This demonstrates that the project is continuing its dynamic development.

  • They have added vUSD, which is basically virtual USD that can be used to purchase packs in the shop and the marketplace. Basically, you can use your Paypal, VISA or Mastercard to get vUSD or buy it with crypto. This makes facilitates and makes seamless the purchase of cards and packs. Furthermore, you can transfer vUSD between accounts.
  • In the game bar on the left they added the card Marketplace where players can sell and buy their NFT cards. The marketplace apart from the price of cards shows also the current circulating supply of each card
  • They have added also the Game's Leader board that for now is not accessible, under the Founder Token's menu bar.
  • Also under your collection it now lists the card you own, the circulating supply and the monetary value of each card.

What I like about this card game?

  • There is an established universe and lore through the original BBC series of which the gameplay and characters are based
  • Visually the cards look very good
  • The ability to get native game tokens for free
  • The ability to buy card packs before the game is officially launched that will become more rare after as pre-release collections are burned

Nevertheless, in order to make a better judgement; We need to wait until a playable version of the game is released to check the game mechanics, card synergies, and if it will be a Play to Win or Pay to Win.


If you haven't checked the game and registered yet, please consider doing it through my link:



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