Unparalleled Farming With SugarRush Finance

Unparalleled Farming With SugarRush Finance

Next Generation Farming:
The goal with SugarRush finance was to initially be the first yield farm which allowed users to farm a token that paid out in BNB dividend in the same fashion that all dividend tokens perform. Thus, through trading volume and people who HODL the SugarRush token BNB dividends are pooled and then distributed to the true diamond hands willing to hold through all! Do not forget that Sugar is sticky and you may decide to HODL forever! However, upon further deliberation with the team the plan was changed and SugarRush Finance became a beacon set to create partnerships with other farms in order to build a community that gives a vast array of options to investors. The SugarRush team is completely dedicated to the community of investors and there is no higher importance than protecting our communities and their investments and trust in our team and our farm.

Our team and early community members saw an opportunity that has never been accomplished before; Therefore, we have been working diligently day and night to ensure we are creating partnerships with reputable projects to work in conjunction with one another creating an entirely unique DeFi ecosystem never before seen. I assume most people are familiar with Pancake Swap by now, well we are here to change this model and establish a true ecosystem where farmed tokens from farm X can be used to farm on farm Y, farm P, farm T, ect. I think you get the idea. Rather than relying on CAKE to earn new tokens, why not utilize tokens from projects that are working together to give you your choice in how and what you farm.

Now with this new ecosystem of farms everyone has the ability to choose their path to farming. Maybe you would like to use your CUB to earn some SugarRush to earn extra BNB dividends, well how about farming some SugarRush with your choice of three different stable coin pairings? Looking for other farming options we have those too, just take your SugarRush over to Werewolf.farm and farm some $ICE. I won’t go into details on all of our possible strategies as that ruins the fun of choice and we all know the choices are what makes you and what breaks you so choose wisely.

There are all sorts of farms out there, lets do an extremely low emission rate yeah that's good, price crash. Okay lets try locking people in before they can all harvest at once, okay rekt. Alright what about we allow them to harvest but only a certain percentage unless they wait till they can claim the full harvest, failed. How about 100 coins capped extremely low emission and deflationary, price skyrockets and rekt. You know what, lets say screw everyone else, 100,000,000,000 tokens fixed supply extremely low emission rate for longevity, lets take it a step further and pay holders in BNB dividends so when anyone sells or buys the true community receives the rewards. Now lets take those other farms that have tokens being minted and people dumping the token trying to make the money back before the big guns sell everything and allow them to utilize their native token to farm SUGARRUSH, TREASURE, and ICE with more possibilities always on the horizon! I want to make one thing very clear, SUGARRUSH is sustainable through it’s more realistic return on investment as the SUGARRUSH token is a key to earn BNB or to farm on many other farms to earn rewards through other farms' unique mechanisms.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article please don't hesitate to ask any questions or post any comments below!
Stay safe everyone!

Telegram: SugarRush Official Telegram
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SugarRushBSC
Website: SuagarRush Finance

~Trever Russell

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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

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