Market Volatility, Keeping Your Cool, Improving Your Reserves

While we all know that the volatility of any cryptocurrency asset is pretty crazy when compared to standard stocks, the best thing to do when the dips dip (in my opinion and from some mistakes of my own) is just ride it out. 

However, I must admit that my strategy will be mostly if not entirely different than individuals who actually have a large amount invested (as in the money they hold in crypto's was purchased with their own fiat income). Whereas I have yet to put a cent of my own money into my portfolio so my risk tolerance is probably a lot higher than others when it comes to a market dip. 

Some things to keep in mind when doing any kind of investing, trading, or leveraging. 

1) Shit changes FAST so if you plan on investing large amounts ($50 for some people, $5,000,000 for others) make sure you know what you want to do weather hodl all of it, hodl some and spot trade some, spot trade everything, trade on leverage, or futures market trading.  

2) if it's on a long high run, it will come down eventually but pay extra close attention to these ones (EX. DigiByte one month ago was only worth 0.0050-0.0063. It has since had multiple bull runs all of which resulted in a 20-50% reduction from peak, however since I stuck around even though I only had about 80DGB (roughly $0.42) when it was at 0.0052, I waited for the first run up to 0.0153 (roughly $1.22), waited for the correction to 0.0102, added 40 more DGB as I expected another spike which brought it up to 0.0168 (roughly $1.34 from the original 80DGB + the 40DGB increase from 0.0102 to 0.0168 was roughly $0.27) once the price hit 0.0168 I decided that DGB did not have much more to move at the current time and switched my DGB to ETH with a net gain of $0.92 from the initial $0.42 and a net gain of $0.27 from the added $0.41 to a total profit of $1.19. Just after I converted at a DGB price of 0.0168 the price fell the next day down to the .0105 range and is now trading even higher than when I converted, and I have further increased the profit as ETH price has increased since that time as well.

3) Make PROPER decisions based on your personal situations and finances and ABSOLUTELY do not invest your labor earnings into crypto unless you have the "investment" money and a plan to do so. In my opinion the volatility of crypto assets cause far to much uncertainty to invest with money if it is not entirely disposable and the SOLE purpose of the money is to invest in crypto assets. 

4) If you want to dabble in cryptocurrency to hodl or to practice spot trading in a exhilarating fast paced market but don't want to risk your hard earned money there are many ways to earn free cryptocurrencies! I will link them here, I only use the best ones and there is one specifically that blows all the others out of the water. I have made nearly $60 since march by taking a couple surveys a day and letting my auto claim faucet run in the background all the time. This is what has allowed me to collect my cryptocurrencies without actually buying any, and it also gives me the freedom to take more risks than people who purchase their investments. 

Anyone interested in slowly building up crypto for free you can check out these websites. 

This here is the best faucet hands down and as I like to call it the "Golden Faucet"

These two are okay I don't use them much BTC and MoreMoney BTC

For these you will need a CoinPot micro-wallet which will link to all of the faucets below (by the email you set up the Coinpot with) and every claim will be automatically deposited into your Coinpot, for each claim from each website you receive 3 tokens these can be used for multiple things like a lottery (IMO all lottery are a waste), a provably fair betting game (IMO can be great if done correctly since you can win more tokens but usually will probably lose some in the long run). However, the best thing about the tokens is that they are worth 1.1 BTC satoshi right now and can be exchanged for BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, and DASH.  

*Little tip for the moon faucets, each day you get on you gain 1% return bonus so login at least once daily, and the Moon BTC if you go to offers under wannad surveys, when the theoremreach is working always do those and each completed offer will add a 5% bonus to each claim on moonbit up to 100% and every 5% increase will stay for 30 days.  

Also for the CoinPot Faucets collecting every 5 minutes gives you the most tokens which technically makes you the most money but it's a huge pain in the ass so I just aim for 100 claims a day which you will get rewarded with 100 tokens every day for doing that.

Coinpot Micro-wallet

Bonus BTC  Moon BTC Bitfun BTC Moon BCH Moon LTC Moon DASH Moon DOGE


**TIPS FOR INCREASING INCOME*** Below I will gladly offer detailed tips and tricks that I have discovered over time and use continually.

"Golden Faucet" TIPS & TRICKS: **Friday, Saturday for 1 hour at 6pm & 6am PST and Sunday 6am PST

#1) Take TheoremReach survey's as you are guaranteed a minimum on practically every survey, look for the surveys with the shortest time and highest payout (I like to refresh the page and click the see more button to possibly get higher paying and shorter time surveys).

#2) For the Auto Faucet part I keep my tab opened with the faucet running, if the computer is not "active" the faucet stops so get around this I set my computer settings to keep running when I close the screen so the screen will be off but the website is still up and running, earning crypto every minute. 

#3) Always have your faucet setting to 4x to receive 4 times the amount every minute and if you are ONLY interested in the money amount BTC will give you the most by a small margin but as your account levels up the amount of BTC you get trumps any other currency. 

#4) Make sure to do activities like surveys (this is literally the only thing I do other than PTC ads) because you get EXP to level up and each level you get a set amount of BTC satoshi and the amount of satoshi you get every minute also increases slightly. 


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Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

I have been around since the early days of bitcoin, I unfortunately wasn't smart enough to hold any of them. Now I mainly do a plethora of research almost daily while passively earning crypto from a couple faucets.

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