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#HASHITOUT The Path of Learning the Trade

#HASHITOUT The Path of Learning the Trade


As the title states I will be discussing my first few trades utilizing Coinbase Pro, But before I get into the details I am going to outline my current cryptocurrency portfolio including coins I am not trading. Keep in mind this is by no means advice and I am only writing to help others learn that may be newer to trading than me and to share my journey of trading with "free money" that I have made from faucets and I have invested a whopping $0 from my day job. I will post my recent Coinbase Earn links for anyone interested in free EOS and OXT and you get to learn a little about both, I personally am really optimistic about Orchid which I discuss a little in The Future of VPN.

Coinbase Earn EOS

Coinbase Earn OXT

Current Coin Bags

  • Bitcoin: ~0.0008
  • Ethereum: ~0.35 
  • Tron: ~ 600 
  • Tezos: ~12
  • Dash: ~0.12
  • BAT: ~50
  • WIN: ~6 (Airdrop in the Atomic Wallet)





I am currently only trading between ETH/BTC, BTC/USD, ETH/USD as that is what I had most of my earnings in before I finally had enough where I felt it was worth trading ~ $75 between the two. I first did a few ETH/USD trades in which I sold around $215 and purchased again around $201 which was a welcomed increase in the bag. My limit orders I had set for BTC were met overnight a couple nights after the ETH was sold and the price was around $9800 and I recently placed it all the $ into ETH and my portfolio at the time of posting is $77.36 so not a bad increase. I am going on a business trip over the weekend and racing my car so I will be extremely limited on time so I planned on trying to get most of my portfolio into ETH since it has proven to be really stable and I expect the price to increase a lot. I believe that ETH is lagging a bit behind on the yr/yr price and am very optimistic about it's future. 



I currently am only earning BAT through the browser (obviously) and Publish0x (Obviously!!) and I pretty much am just holding onto my BAT for a while and continue to earn more. I had sold some of my earned BTC earlier when it was around $10,000 and decided to place it in XTZ to stake for ~5% return which has increased nicely as Tezos has been doing great since I got it around $2.48 and it's currently sitting around $2.79 and I have made ~$0.10 from staking as well. I recently added Tron and Dash to my favorite faucet mainly so I can continue to add to the Tron I currently Stake and Dash because I have always liked Dash and feel like building some up. 

Some Luck and Removing Emotion

The nice thing about trading with money I got for free is that I don't have to worry about stop losses and I can trade completely emotionless because I would have never had this money to begin with so wins are just a bonus, losses are just a lesson as I study the markets. I just happened to set some decent limit sells and limit buys and was able to increase my bag slightly. If I were trading with invested money I would no doubt be utilizing stop/loss as should anyone trading with money they invested. 


For anyone interested in earning free crypto feel free to check out some of my other posts or go straight to my post describing where I get my earnings from and get "free money"!!!! 

Enjoy the read and please if you have any suggestions or comments I love to learn! 

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Current Microbiology Undergraduate, Amateur Race Car Driver, Dedicated Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, and I study Economics and Pharmacology in my spare time.

Crypto Enthusiasts Journey
Crypto Enthusiasts Journey

I have been around since the early days of bitcoin, I unfortunately wasn't smart enough to hold any of them. Now I mainly do a plethora of research almost daily while passively earning crypto from a couple faucets.

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