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DeFi, NFT's, Games, eSports and More to Come!


With the recent DeFi boom and the summer slowly fading away behind, many are begging to settle down to support the most successful project to come out shining all while relaxing at home sipping a nice glass of Henry McKenna. With the advent of COVID lockdowns and doing both school and work from my home, I personally have been on the lookout for newer projects that have a unique vision and a well planned out roadmap. 

What if a project decided to create a DeFi platform that was designed with the intent to have their token mining be a game. This game would utilize a specifically purchased token and that token can be utilized in the mining of the second token, pretty standard stuff at this point; However, the mined token can then be utilized to perform numerous other tasks such as casting personalized NFT’s or for playing games that can earn other platform associated content. While playing the platform games users will have the ability to earn game-specific artifacts as well as the gaming token that will be ubiquitous throughout their ecosystem. 

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist. Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ.” – Warren Buffett


The project is initially releasing one of their tokens in a pre-sale which will be the beginning of token farming the second token that will have various uses through the platform. The main token that will be used for mining is also their native governance token in which holders will have the ability to participate in community proposal voting. The token that is mined and utilized through the platform is a deflationary token that can be used to create personalized copyrighted NFT’s, to purchase other NFT’s in the NFT market that will be implemented in the future. 

Considering some of the more or less unique mining strategies and the utilization of a multi-token ecosystem, many of the early releases for the project will undoubtedly be the more commonly seen DeFi products. This, however, will be the easy part of launching their ecosystem as it is something that can be built by avoiding some pitfalls other early DeFi projects encountered. During the time where farming is taking place, the project will be continually working to start introducing their blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

The very last and the most daunting of tasks for the new project will be the construction of the eSports ecosystem. While I can assume they will produce and implement some of their own in house games of some sort at the beginning, where they will really shine is with the integration of completely live timing eSports update of events. This completely live event atmosphere will be the major key for the purpose of the eSports section of the project where betting can take place on everything from major eSport competitions to just betting against your friends when you play each other in PUBG.    

I am personally aware of several projects that offer certain parts of what I discussed, however, I have not found a project that is incorporating so many different things to create a truly unique community. For example, I have utilized BetFury on the TRON blockchain to receive daily dividends by playing some of their in house games. I have heard about WINK and the betting platform but have not personally interacted with it, it is merely the platform I have heard the most about. There are also many blockchain-based games such as League of Kingdoms, Jupiler League, and Blankos, just to name a few. Plus, NFT’s are already being utilized in numerous projects for more than just artwork, like DEGO finance using them for mining, or even League of Kingdoms sells plots of land as NFT’s. All these differences being conglomerated into a single project with large aspirations just might be the uniqueness needed to properly utilize everything in tandem! 

For the most part, I know that a lot of this stuff has been somewhat similar to other projects, I can assure you that it is going to be different. Due to the fact that the project has still yet to fully launch I am merely writing this to share some of the uniqueness of the project while getting feedback on what others think about a project that plans to incorporate so much into their platform. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on a project that has so much aspiration and what you believe they might accomplish?


~ Trever Russell


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