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Cryptowriter: HORIZEN GLOBAL: Unbounded By Design

Unbounded by Design, Unique by Passion


The Blockchain infrastructure that is Horizen is one of the most unique blockchains within the cryptosphere, in my own opinion of course. Back in 2017 when Horizen launched the project was then known as ZenCash and was the resultant hard fork of the ZClassic which was itself a hard fork from ZClash. One of the most intriguing things I have found about the launch of Horizen and the ZenCash was that they performed no ICO and offered no pre-mining which, if we're being honest, they trudged their way through without all the money flying around during that time. Horizon’s current ZEN crypto also utilizes similar T and Z addresses which can be utilized by individuals to remain anonymous. 

Between the initial launch of the ZenCash cryptocurrency in 2017 to the minor rebranding to include not only a different name for their coin but also for their project. This rebranding saw the name Horizen with the coin's new name following suit as ZEN. The major goal for the Horizen project is to allow anyone to be able to interact and build upon the blockchain utilizing the same technology without requiring coding knowledge. Several major features provided by Horizen that makes them stand out from the rest is their sidechain building platform, the privacy-respecting ZEN cryptocurrency, and their continued partnerships with projects like Celsius Network. Not to mention the open-source software they provide that allows faucets such as PipeFlare where you can earn ZEC & DOGE and Global Hive who rewards you in ZEC, both platforms pay instantly and directly to your wallet just like the HORIZEN ZEN Faucet

One of the major aspects which Horizen prides themselves on is their utilization of fully end-to-end zero-proof knowledge transactions. While this privacy feature is part of their ZEN token they allow users to transact with their tokens through a fully transparent method as well if they choose to do so. However, from my understanding, the utilization did not stop with just privacy features as they created fully decentralized, fully customizable sidechain building capabilities for real-world uses. Horizen has ventured quite a bit further and is utilizing blockchain technology for numerous other ingenious purposes. Not to mention the fact that the Horizen blockchain has one of the largest node systems in the industry providing even further security.

Horizen truly has accomplished a lot throughout the years as they have implemented a fully encrypted messaging system to be used within their network. They are constantly hosting AMA sessions within their very own Horizen Academy where you can also learn about the technology and how privacy works throughout the platform. Through their HDE program is their contribution to open-source software. As they state on their webpage:


With everything that Horizen has going on, on a day to day basis, they continually excite with new announcements and upgrades that can be implemented to currently utilized products. They are in the works of making the availability of blockchain technology to the average person for privacy and security on their own accord. The fact that this project has been so under the radar for as long as it has been innovating and generating unique products and protocols that can be utilized cross chain is astounding. 

This article was originally going to be a detailed overview of the Horizen project, the team, their mission, and the ZEN token; However, the more I researched the project the more I realized that there will be no way to properly explain all that is Horizen in a single article. For the upcoming articles, I will delve into the many different avenues that Horizen provides for everyone from developers, to hackers, to the daily user like myself. Without doing much deep research into the project all I can say at this point is that I am excited to bring to light the incredible work behind the curtains of this extremely diversified project!  

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! I look forward to the next in-depth article on Horizen!

If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments!

~ Trever Russell

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