Why Threads might be relevant

After countless articles about the social media platform Threads, it finally appears that things have cooled off. Now most latest articles already concluded that this social platform was a fad. It's erroneous as momentarily only wishful thinking is what can sustain the prediction that Threads will surely fade rapidly.

For the most part, Zuckerberg managed to get most things right when he released this new social platform.

Let's look at what he achieved where others have failed:

1 He created ample momentum, such as his platform being the fastest-growing product with 100 million in five days. The previous record holder was ChatGpt with two months, and besides Threads and ChatGpt the rest of the top ten growing products needed years to reach 100 million users. Also, Meta owns 4 of 10 products in that top.

2 The app released was feature complete, very performant(probably the best performance of all micro-blogging apps I've seen), simple, and intuitive.

3 Even though the app stands completely centralized as of this time. It came with the promise of some kind of decentralization, by implementing ActivityPub. ActivityPub in this situation is the perfect choice for Meta since it still allows a lot of control on one aspect that's core to social media, that is the actual posts.

4 He released a minimal web implementation that he promised will be upgraded to support all features. Releasing this stub of a web app was probably a purposeful mistake, as the idea was to inflate the mobile downloads.

5 Being very open about addressing user suggestions and fully delegating all decisions to a dedicated threads team. Pledges were made to have a follow-only feed, a fully functioning web app, delink-ing Instagram identity from threads identity, and, of course, implementing ActivityPub.

Now what were some big mistakes you may ask?
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